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Theories About Human Life

Different religious theories has explained human life in different ways but the Mystery about the human life could never be solved. 

Purposes Of Business Organization

The main purpose of existence of any business organization is to make profit. Apart from this organization has different purpose like, market share and growth etc. The purpose of the organization is stated in the mission statement of the organization. There are other organizations that may not be in existence for the purpose of making profit. For example the purpose of the Government organization is to serve the public in a best possible way while utilizing the resources in an efficient way. 

Business Resource Management

There are different resource requirement for the different kind of business.  This report will discuss the resource requirement of different kind of business e.g. agriculture business requires resources of land, labor, capital and water. Further in some business human is important resource like call centre business which is heavily based on human resources. For the business to be successful these resources are need to be managed in an effective and efficient way.

Human Resource Management Assignment

According to Alan Price  2011 management of human resource is very important function for any organization. The success of any organization is based on the people working in the organization. Human resource strategy should be integrated with the overall strategy of the company. Management of human resource is an important function for any organization and must be prudently managed. The report is about determination of human resource requirement and its management, the report is presented in parts and each part is explained under respective heading.

Media Advertisement

Mass media advertisement has too much importance in business. it help to increase the profitability of the firms or organizations. People get knowledge through the advertisement. This post will increase your knowledge about advertisement.

Global Organizations

A global organization is different from other multinational or international organization as they operate as they operate with similar industrial sector in different countries. On the other hand the Global organization operates with different sectors in different courtiers e.g. sourcing of raw material from courtiers where it is cheaper, carrying out industrial activity in the country where there is lowest cost of production. A global company keep abstract of differences in cultural, political, legal and economical factors in different countries e.g. Coca Cola change the taste of the syrup for different countries to adapt to the difference in culture and taste.

McDonald International Strategy

These days, International markets are highly competitive because of the freedom of world trade and investment environment. Any firm which gets involved in the international business has to choose an international strategy to face international competition. There are four strategies to enter and compete in international markets naming multi-domestic, international, transitional and global strategy. Each strategy differs from other on the bases of cost pressure and local responsiveness.

Fashion Brand Development & Marketing

The essay is all about the development of brand and marketingstrategies revolves around a fashion brand.Branding is something which gives recognition to a company’s product. Like brands of a Korea had a lot of fame after the conduction of polemics in Korea. In the similar way products form china used to be recognized as cheap and lowered quality products then the Beijing Olympics gave recognition to the Chinese brands assense of high quality and increased a great value.  Branding is related to the psychological aspect of people by creating a brand image (symbolic construction) in the people’s minds which is composed of all the information and expectations relatedto a product or service.

Security Valuation

This blog increase your knowledge about the risk, security and money and their valuations.

Bank Loans

Recently taking loans from banks is easy as compared to venture capital funds because there are large numbers of banks are available. But the loan process is not too much easy. If you want loan only for temporary basis to recover the shortage of cash then getting loan is difficult for you.

Scanning Marketing Environment

This blog is about the porter five five forces analysis of scanning marketing environment. Which helps you to understand how to apply porter five market model.

Is Business For You?

Starting your own business is a good idea. You can enjoy the many benefits from your own business like freedom, decision power, and sole ownership on the business. But it is difficult to start a new business without proper planning and experience. Some facts must keep in mind before starting the business. For becoming a successful business man you have to work hard in right direction. 

Philip Hughes Died by Bouncer

One of the finest Emerging Young Australian Batsman Philip Hughes died due to a hit by a Bouncer deliver.

Financial Statement Analysis Bellway

This report is all about the financial analyses of a real estate company named Bellway Plc. It is one of the major residential property developer companies operating in British (Bellway, 2010)1. Bellway is listed on London Stock exchange which has the experience of more than fifty years to develop the English economy. The report is focused on analyzing Bellway form different perspectives and it also compares those analyses with a benchmark competitor company Telford Homes Plc.


Personal Financial Planning Models

This part of the report describes the personal financing model which describes procedure that how an individual should plan about his goals and financial matters. This is a four step model which starts form assessing the current and potential future situation and ends on review the outcomes. This model is described in the practical way in the next couple of examples. In which, a young couple and a lone parent is described in this model.

Environmental Impact Assessment

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a judgment of the both probable positive or negative impacts expected to be created by a proposed project on the natural environment. The harmful effects can be arise due to the things like changes in land use, the introduction of new buildings or land, water or air emissions. EIA is a system for taking enough account of environmental effects and giving assurance to their effective integration with commercial ambitions. There is existence of legislations which establish investigations, though experience to varied commercial and other benefits in different circumstances

Externalities Economics Examples

Externality is a concept of economics which is a positive or negative impact on the third party which is not directly involved in the economic transaction but affected by that particular transaction. Mainly, both the consumers and producers in a market do not bear all the costs or also not bear all the benefits of any economic transaction. Like most of the times manufacturing causes pollution which imposes costs on people living near by, and in term of benefit sowing forests will improve the quality of water and atmosphere.

Economics-Command Economy

What goods or services to produce? How best to produce goods and services? Who are the final users of those goods and services? Which products to buy or to sell? What to give up to maximize our satisfaction? Those are the type of questions individuals, organizations and societies mostly face .Every single day

Comparative Business Analysis Example Report

This law states that two businesses can gain from trade when each specializes in the product in which it has lowest opportunity costs. Opportunity cost is the cost of one use for resources rather than another.

Causes of banking crisis 2008

Just before 2008, it was the mortgage and other loans which threw the economy in the miserable situation of economic and financial crisis. There was an overinvestment in the US land and property which unduly inflated the price of the property and the bubble was completely burst in the November 2008 which affected the whole world’s economy. This was all because of the foolish banking policies for issuing credit to the customers discussed as under.

Small Business Funds

There are number of ways a person can start a business without having a lot of funds in his pocket. This article describes those types of funds. Before try for the collection of funds you got to have a sound business plan. For a better business plan the most primary things is to have a highly innovative and attractive business idea. The business ideas also must be related to your qualifications, experience, capabilities, abilities and possible resources.

Ethics in HR

Ethics in an organization plays most crucial role for the strong organizational culture and healthy working environment in any company. Generally it is an Ethics Officer who handles ethics policies, creating communication code, planning ethics training programs and overseeing the reporting on them all. He needs cooperation of every department of organization but HR is the department which helps the most in promoting ethics because of reward and punishes power. 

Britain Industrial Revolution

The essay revolves around the revolutionary impacts on the economic and social conditions made of first industrial revolution on Great Britain, The first Britain industrial nation of the world. Increasing population of world developed new concepts of agriculture output, price measures, economic elasticity and foreign trade.

Marketing Environment- Marketing 5 Cs

This blog post practically defines the marketing environment and 5 core factors of marketing environment to different companies by examples.

Healthcare - Accounting and Finance Analysis

We need to assess the capital structure, debt and total assets of both the companies to rightly compare and contrast the financing of Healthscope Ltd and HealthLinx Ltd. And to do so we have calculated some related ratios as follows:


CAPM - International Consolidated Airlines, FTSE-100

This report will help us understand the stock beta, its analyses & calculations, implementations. We will learn that how the stock beta can be used for calculating the Security Characteristics Line.  This report discusses the some practicalities and the implementation of Stock Beta and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). We will try to understand the number of different ways in which the stock Beta and the CAPM can be used. We have taken a stock of an airline company International Consolidated Airlines whose stock name is ICAGL and calculated its beta and have compared it with the Beta of a market index FTSE-100 by calculating it. We have also compared this beta with a published beta of the same stock and beta of the industry of the company. We research and understand the possible reason of difference between the different Betas mentioned above. Then there is Security Characteristics Line which is drawn by applying the regression line on the calculations of Stock and FTSE-100 index.


PIMS Analysis - Strategic Financial Management

The report is all about the strategic financial management of two UK based banking giants Barclays Plc and Lloyds Banking Group Plc. The report explores the profit impact making strategy of both of the companies. The subjects and models included in the PIMS analyses are financial statement analyses; Preliminary Research, Horizontal vertical analyses & ratio analyses, Dyson’s Dyson Strategic Investment Decision Mode & Strategy in action model. According to H & V analyses, Strategic Investment Decision Mode & Strategy in action model Lloyds is the strategically better company. But Ratio Analyses declares the Barclays PLC the better and more stable company (OWL, 2010)6.

German Company Acquisition - International Business

The assignment is all about the difference between two cultures of Germany and Japan. It is a case study in which a Japanese Car manufacturer company has agreed to acquire a German company operating in Germany. Whenever there is an international cross boarder deal within the two companies the cultural differences arise which crates difficulties for the mangers of home countries. In the similar way we are going to analyze the situation in the organization department of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource. The report is about the corporate analyses. So, our major concentration is the difference between the corporate cultures and also the national normal cultural differences between the two countries. In this case study we have assumed that the Japanese company is HONDA and the German company is SRAMT.

FTSE 100 Index

There are 10 major sectors of FTSE 100 Index; Basic materials, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Financial, Health Care, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Technology, Telecommunication and Utility. Total market value of Index is £1,468,250.72 millions. I have selected five of the major industrial sectors. Total market value of five sectors is an £ 818,294.03 millions which is 55.73% of the whole index value.


Ratio Analysis-Comparing Industry and Competitor

The blog post is all about the financial ratio analysis of a Retail Store Chain in which it compares the liquidity, solvency and profitability positions with a strong competitor in the same industry.

Globalization and its impacts

The blog post is about a practical example and comprehensive analysis of a company getting affected by internal and external forces of globalization and 5Cs by Ohame analysis. It defines that in which ways the company is globalize and let us know that how it handles these affects by forming and implementing a global strategy.

Personal Finance

There are many types of financing available in the market for a new business. There are Banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies and many other types of financial institutions who are involved in facilitating the local citizens for there business.  One can get his financing for an existing business as well as a new venture for a business.

Green Taxation

Green taxation is one of the core parts of the Global warming concept in Great Britain. This is actually a tax imposed on the people who are being involved in producing a little extra bit of pollution for the society. These tax reforms are just beyond simply increasing taxes for consumers those people but they seek out to transfer the tax load away from labor, income, and savings, and shift onto actions such as consumption and waste. These tax reforms are used effectively for generating a revenue neutral change in the way governments collect their money.

Aircraft Industry - International Business-Review

The report is all about the changing in the structure of the aircraft industry. There are many characteristics and forces which force the aircraft industry to get changed its structure. The report only forces on the passenger air craft rather air craft as a whole called aviation.


Financial Plan - Electronic Solutions

This post is another example of the financial plan made on a start-up business venture involved in the Electronic Engineering services. It contains the whole information of projected income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets and financial assumptions.

Nintendo Wii: Marketing Design Innovation

Nintendo has provided different models of the gaming console with the changing names of its brand. Nintendo also provided different versions of games according to changing needs & demands of different markets, which also were consistent with their different regional demographics. The year over year improvement in design, technology, changing models according to customer need and demands are described in this section of the report. Nintendo has passed through a long journey of developments to make a high class and highly technological advance product like Wii. Nintendo has a long history of developing its technology and the destination of these developments is Wii, a revolutionary product in the gaming industry. The year over year developments of Nintendo to reach the level of Wii is detailed as under:

Nokia Financial Analysis

This report is about the Nokia financial analyses during the period of two years from 2007 to 2008. This period includes the beginning of worldwide recession in 2007 and peak of recession in year 2008.

Stakeholders: Financial Analysis

This report has been prepared on the basis of the five most recent income statements and balance sheets of Digital China Limited. Financial Analysis used in the report is based on the calculations shown in the appendix attached.

International Market Strategy

These days, International markets are highly competitive because of the freedom of world trade and investment environment.

Financial Ratios Examples

This Blog Post is a comprehensive example of Practically Applied Financial Ratio analysis on a UK Real Estate Company Liberty International PLC. It contains all 5 major Types of Financial Ratio Analysis explained in text, figures, ratios stats, tables and graphs.

5 Year Business Plan

For the comprehensive and proper business planning you must write a 5 year business plan report. Also most of the loan officers and small business investors ask for the 5 year business plan...

Small Business Financial Plan

This article defines the most essential accounting knowledge required to make a financial plan of a small business. Following are the core accounting components or accounting concepts you have to be absolute clear about.

Small Business Financial Plan: Mattress Shop

This bog post is a small example of business financial plan made by Research Region. The Financial plan is made for a new business venture indulged in the business of mattress trading in Miami.

Financial Analysis for Silverjet, Ryanair & Air Canada

The company is involved in the business of airlines and providing some transportation, catering and some other services to some other airline company’s customers.

Financial Ratio Analysis

The report shows the comprehensive financial ratio analysis of a civil engineering company of United Kingdom named Scott Wilson Group Plc. It analyses the company financials statements by Horizontal & Vertical Analysis as well as all the major types of ratio analyses.

Business Financial Plan

This post is another example of business financial plan. The financial plan given in this post is made for a new business venture setting up in Washington DC which provides its services of cleaning to the commercial business centers.

Financial Plan for better business future

Whether this is an existing business or a new venture. You frequently have to plan and predict you business future on continues bases.

Forecast 5 year business Financials

Thansk for choosing our financial plan. This report presents a comprehensive financial plan for Restaurant involved in the businesses of breakfast and lunch deals.

Coffee Republic - marketing strategy

The report is all about marketing strategy of a company involved in the business of coffee bar naming Coffee republic. Coffee republic is one of the finest coffee...

Consumer Behavior Analysis

The Article is based on the global branding and marketing strategies of an airline company Singapore Airlines. The purpose of consumer is to explain that how a consumer’s cognitions is affected by the marketing strategies of a company.

Consumer Behavior Analysis - Physiological Factors of Customers

This report discuss the examples which of Singapore Airline to affect the company’s physiological factors of its customers.

Consumer Behavior Analysis - Marketing Mix Stimuli

The report describe the marketing mix of Singapore Airline which stimulates that how the company affects the customer perception’s by its marketing mix strategy.

Hotel Business Plan - Small, Medium and Large hotels

This article highlights the fundamental aspects to be considered while planning for a new hotel. It exemplifies that how the Research Region starts for the feasibility report on a new hotel.

Customer Acquisition Strategies and Tactics

Read our blog about customer acquisition strategies and tactics and public relations strategies and tactics. It lets you know that how to form the best customer acquisition strategy for your business.

Ansoff Matrix McDonald’s

This is the Best Ansoff Matrix McDonald’s report. In this report we have applied the Ansoff Matrix to the McDonald's products  and its prevailing markets.

Financial Plan Example

Research Region has the history to help its customers in their business plan reports and also the parts of business plan like financial plan. We have made hundreds...

Stratigic Marketing Audit

The Blog post illustrates a stratigic marketing audit done by Research Region for Mc'Donald's in the area of Ireland. You can evaluate our marketing services with this example.

Corporate Social Responsibility Applied Practically

The article describes that how the multinational corporations meet their CSR Responsibilities. This is the comparison of 2 multinational corporations in the same industry and having the different strategies for meeting their CSR worldwide.

PREMIER OIL - Corporate Social Responsibility

Major work of Premier Oil Corporation is in the continents of East Asia and Africa. The article explains that how the Multinational Corporation sets an example for meeting its Corporate Social Responsibility in the region of its business operations.

MARATHON - Corporate Social Responsibility

Marathon is also a mega mutinational corporation involved in the same business as the Premier Oil. The article defines that How a mutinational corporation like Marathon should care about the CSR to help the poor and  needy people.

Marketing Communication: A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Marketing Communication is all about explaining, predicting and influencing consumer behaviour. The article practically describes  a huge advertising and marketing campaign by a mutinational corporation.

Marketing communications: (SWOT, PEST, Potter’s 5 Force Analyses)

Thanks for choose our context analysis related to marketing communications. Research Region always provide you best and authentic inforamtion in bussines plans, academinc services and as well in financial services, 

Marketing Communication: Elements of Marketing

Thanks for choosing our Elemints of marketing communication.  The article describes the promotion of DWI products from five different platforms. Motto of the company is to make customer convinced by its product to the highest standards. The company will spread this message to all possible target audience of 50 countries.

Marketing Communications: Marketing Integration

The company is providing a huge level of depth in its products. It is producing 50 plus products of environmental protection to construction. All products are specialized for different purposes...

Marketing communication: Basic Marketing Planning

This article describes the benefits of DWI product a consumers receives and finally the base of planning for marketing communication


Essay Writing Tips For IELTS Academic

Essay Writing Tips An essay is the personal point of view of a writer which can be written in numberless way. This form of writing is adopted by the writers round the world from many centuries. It can be an academic work by a student or a professional way to express a writer’s point of view. Following are few highly valuable tips for writing an essay:

Top 10 business plan ideas for business visa and students

Whether it is the small business or a corporate, it is a service oriented business or a product oriented. First thing first to start a new business venture you’ll have to decide a business idea or a theme of a business. The idea or a specific type of business is dependent on numerous things for that you’ll have to ask few questions to yourself:
Unique Characteristics
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