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Top 10 business plan ideas for business visa and students

Whether it is the small business or a corporate, it is a service oriented business or a product oriented. First thing first to start a new business venture you’ll have to decide a business idea or a theme of a business. The idea or a specific type of business is dependent on numerous things for that you’ll have to ask few questions to yourself:

  • For what purpose you need the business plan?
  • What are the preferable ideas by your business plan approval organization?
  • What are the preferable businesses in the government eyes to gather the maximum capital?
  • What capabilities do you have?
  • What is your qualification and experience?
  • What is your willingness to do?
  • What amount of capital you can arrange for your business?
  • How profitable that business industry is?


Considering all the answers of above questions the investors will have to do the brainstorming possibly along with a business consultant. The good news is that all the business ideas given in this article are at least NQF Level 6 or above jobs. If you are applying a business visa in UK then selecting the most suitable idea for you will be having great chances of success. We have selected Top 10 business plan ideas which are the most suitable for any business plan made for the purpose of business loan or business visa or students' academics study. If you have a post-graduate degree and some relevant experience in the any of the below business fields then you can make a successful business plan:


1. Research and Development Consultancy

It is the era of innovation. Every business is trying to find the innovative ideas for its products and services. If your mind is a bit extra creative then this is the best business plan idea to start a business with. The tasks or areas of this business are as follows:

  • Setting up the objectives for product design and matching them with the performance with other business departments.
  • Act as a go-between with production departments for investigating and resolving the problems of manufacturing.
  • Developing the research methodology, implements strategy and preparing the reports upon the research investigations conducted.
  • Planning the work schedules, assigning tasks and delegating the responsibilities for the team of research and development.

You can advertise your business as featuring creative business ideas, designing product or services or conducting market research.

2. Production or manufacturing

This type of business idea can only be directed for a specific industry manufacturing. For this you got to have the experience and some relevant qualification related to manufacturing of a specific business industry. Following are the possible business characteristics for this business plan idea:


  • Costing is one of the initial problems for many business sectors. Setting quality standards and providing services for estimates, for timescales and costs is the basic business feature.
  • Other feature is providing consultancy for managing the production setup for ensuring that the projects are completed in time and meeting the requirements of customers.
  • Monitoring the production process, costs of manufacturing, preparing/maintaining the reports and records.
  • Look after the supervision of the production lines and its staff and finally ensuring that the targets are met.

The idea applies to you either you are manufacturing for your own business or providing the production consultancy.

3. Sales and Marketing Agency


If you have a post graduate degree and some relevant experience in marketing then this business plan applies to the best of your abilities. This business can contain the following features:


  • Conducting and analyzing the requirements surveys for the reactions of customers to the existing business products.
  • You can provide services to examine and analyze the sales figures for monitoring, marketing campaigns and promotional activities.
  • Producing reports by recommending the marketing and sales strategies to the clients.
  • Providing services for direct marketing by using the call centers/ telemarketing and sales force resources of your company.

There are also numerous sales and marketing services you can offer by opening the sales & marketing agency. For this firstly, you will have to be a good marketing adviser and sales force controller for your own business.

4. Information technology and telecommunications services


There are numberless businesses require the IT and telecommunication services for the company. Your business in this regard can be containing the following features:


  • Developing the IT/telecommunication strategy for your client business by consulting with the senior management of client business.
  • Implementing strategy regarding the client’s business infrastructure, procurement, standards and procedures.
  • Evaluating the requirements of IT/telecommunications staff.
  • Prioritizing and scheduling the major IT/telecommunications projects.
  • Making sure that new technologies are researched and updated as per the broad requirements of client’s business.
  • You can promote your business services concerning IT Services, Technical services and services related telecommunication.

5. Financial Consultancy Services


In the most of the European countries there are number of small businesses which require the financial consultancy in their day to day business records, yearly audits, tax matters and other financial matters. If you are qualified and experience in this field and has the capability to provide the financial consultancy then this is one of the best business plan ideas for you. The features of business can be the following:


  • Verifying the accounting, recording and database storage.
  • Suggesting businesses to the loans and mortgages.
  • Preparing and internally auditing the annual general reports and consultation on the complex to the senior management.
  • Making sure that the client business is in compliance with the statutory regulatory framework.
  • Help the clients formulating the strategic and long-term business plans, assessing the implications of financial mechanisms and keep an eye on implementation for their businesses.
  • Helping the clients for planning external and internal audit programs, helping in arrangements for accounting, budgetary and interconnected information for managing their financial systems. 


6. Public Health and Safety Services

To do the business of public health services you got to have a healthcare degree and a leadership & safety care certificate. Also the relevant experience in this field will be an added advantage for your business plan success. Following are the featured services which you can offer in the public health and safety business:


  • Implementing the board policies, ensuring that the statutory procedures are rightly followed which emphasize on the patient safety and risk management.
  • Act as a go-between with health care professionals for determining the short and long-term requirements for meeting the objectives of budgetary constraints.
  • Daily routine watching over the management of the health care unit and providing leadership to them.
  • Providing guidelines of healthcare and safety in the health sensitive locations of different businesses.

7. Design and development engineers

One of the most interesting and attractive business ideas is providing design & development engineering services. Any degree level certificate and relevant experience in this field can be a remarkably beneficial for your business. The featuring services of this business are as follows:

  • Assessing product requirements for prototyping, costing, manufacturing according to the client and market requirements.
  • Make the designs for different types of engines, mechanical instruments, aircrafts, vehicle designs and structures for ships, plant and machinery equipment, home appliances and numberless other types of products.
  • Construct and test the prototypes and modify designs if required.
  • Prepare layouts, parts lists of different products or projects.

8. Production and process Engineering


This business plan idea is a bit related to the previous one. Production and process engineering services are highly demanded allover the world. You need to have operations and engineering qualification and experience to start this business. The services tasks related to this business idea are as follows:


  • Study the existing and substitute production methods of client business. 
  • Consulting and suggesting the clients for work flow, plant layout, types of machinery and costs in their businesses.
  • Recommending the optimum equipment and layouts and preparing drawings and explaining operations specifications. 
  • Devising and implementing the production control methods for monitoring the efficiency in business operations.
  • Investigating and eliminating the potential vulnerabilities in bottleneck operations while production.
  • Advising the management of client business to ensure the effective in implementation of newer methods of production, operations techniques and equipment used in production.

9. Pharmacists


Preparing or directing the medicaments in form of liquid, powder, tablet, or other form for the prescriptions prepared by medical doctors. If you have a pharmaceutical qualification and some relevant experience then this is the best business plan idea for you. Main business features are as follows:


  • Advising the health professionals for selecting the appropriate medicines for patients.
  • Bring into the notice of health professionals for the potential side effects of drugs. 
  • Checking the recommendations of health professionals that these do not exceed the instructions by patients.
  • Testing and analyzing the drugs for determining their identity, purity and strength.

10. Veterinarian


Veterinarian is one of the most emerging and modern businesses to start. Veterinary is the field with lesser competition. This business services can be performed for your own farming animals or to other people involved in animal related businesses. The major business feature areas are as follows:


  • Examining and diagnosing the health conditions of animals and prescribing the appropriate drugs, dressings, x-rays or other tests.
  • Administrating the local or general anesthetics of animals and performing surgery.
  • Investigating the eruptions of animal diseases and advising the animal owners on feeding, breeding and other general cares of animals.
  • Performing tasks relating the animal food safety policies, regulating the veterinary drugs and quality control on products related veterinary.
  • Performing ante-mortem animal inspection for the food chain, and performing post-mortem animal examinations.

All the above are the Top 10 Business plan ideas if you are going to apply for a business visa and aslo are the best business plan ideas for students.

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