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Coffee Republic - marketing strategy

Coffee Republic

The report is all about marketing strategy of a company involved in the business of coffee bar naming Coffee republic. Coffee republic is one of the finest coffee and related products business in the world. The base for this company is British from where it started. It is the story of Coffee Republic when a brother and his sister visited many coffee bars but they could not find the coffee made of their standard in the whole London. So, they decided to open a coffee bar and they started to provide the finest taste of coffee drinks and they became successful very soon. Then they pen many branches round the country and now coffee republic is growing internationally by adopting the franchising system.  


This report is about the same company this is providing a guideline of marketing for the expansion of coffee republic in term o marketing strategy. This is a comprehensive marketing strategy. The report tells that how the company should go for its franchising system in the international level.


The business provides not only the coffee but also a lot of related products. There are different types of coffee, different types of tea, the is facility of breakfasts, there is a lunch facility with coffee combination, many different types of cold drinks are there, as well as salad of four different kinds are offered in the Coffee Republic bars. All the products in the Coffee Republic bars are of the finest quality and rich taste.  




Strategic Options:

In the report it is require making a marketing strategy which is the most feasible for the company Coffee Republic. For this there is a collection of few practicable strategies to choose the suitable best for the future of Coffee Republic. Following are given a collection of marketing strategies to choose for Coffee Republic:


·        The first marketing strategy to choose is that company should add the products of fast food in the menus of Coffee Republic bars. In this way company would be attracting more customers to its sales points and target market of company will increase. There will be more traffic in the Coffee Republic chain. This strategy can be successful which may florist the company to a great way.

·        The second strategy is that company can add pizza products in the menus by searching a pizza manufacturer in the world which is making the high quality and rich taste pizza in world and working in the very lower level. The company can make a partnership with that pizza manufacturer and can florist by offering the pizza in addition to the existing menu. This strategy will also increase the traffic for the Coffee Republic chain of bars and company can be successful by implementing the same.

·        The third strategy for marketing can be the same which is being copied by the Coffee Republic in the current time and it must add the element of extensive marketing in it. The current strategy is to add the franchisees in the existing chain in the international level. The company where it is lacking is the marketing of its new franchisees in the new markets. For this Coffee Republic can be a successful organization by not making any changes in the structure but advancing in international markets and increasing the overall traffic of customers in the bars.



As there are three strategies descried in the start of the repot, the suitable most strategy is al last and final strategy which is the current strategy in addition there is a need of an extensive marketing. In the first two strategies company may lose the specialty image of being coffee concerned specialist may company loose. Chances are there the first two strategies may enhance the customer traffic in the coffee bars of company but people in present times, people prefer the specialists for the fast food and pizza food products. So there are more chances of risk of failure of the primary two strategies. This strategy is described in detail in the upcoming report.


Justifications for of being appropriate and choosing the last strategies are motioned in the following report:   




The strategy for extensive marketing is well suitable for the management of company. This is something which goes just according to the current circumstances, objectives and interests of management. This is also very suitable for the share and stake holders of the company. This strategy would be implemented for the betterment of company future and it doesn’t harm any person that more franchisees would be opened in the international market even opening of new franchisees would generate further revenues for Coffee Republic. This strategy result will bring more funds to the company without any loan or issuance of more shares. So, this is highly suitable for the shareholders and the company business itself.    




The strategy is highly suitable for the company’s profitability. Initially it will cost very high for the company to launch an international marketing campaign for the sale of franchisees in the new markets but when there would be new franchisees would be opened it will great a lot of revenues and cover all the promotional expenses for the company. Three are always a lot of barriers against a change and it is very difficult to make any change but in this case we are not going to make any changes but the expansion in the business through franchisee system. For this we have developed a strategy to make an extensive marketing in the new international markets. So, keeping in view all the mentioned circumstances we can say that the strategy is highly acceptable.      





Whenever feasibility is prepared, there are four things considered for preparing this. These four things are economic, financial, marketing and technology.  Our company would be having a marketing campaign only in the high class cities of any country. Our campaign will only be targeting a single city of a country which is economically very sound, where people have the extra money to spend.  


The marketing campaign project would be handled by our marketing department. We also will have a consultancy from a high class marketing consultant firm after preparing the full campaign plan. Our marketing campaign would be launched as according to the IMC in the next coming report. Our target market for the campaign would be the investor rather than the end user.


The marketing budget or financial feasibility would be prepared by the cooperation of marketing and finance department. The campaign budget would be settled according to the finances limits and marketing plan. If the marketing plan surpass a bit from the available finances for this purpose then the option of loan would be considered but it would be a medium term loan for only three to five years.


We will use every technology to make high quality graphics, photographs and other things in marketing campaign. This will make our marketing attractive and customer appealing. In the franchisee option we will provide specific machine and other technology to keep the same standard in each and every franchisee of our company. To provide a same quality and taste in every coffee bar of our organization.


TOWS Strategic Alternatives Matrix


External Opportunities

1. Business Expansion
2. Entering new markets
3. Increasing customers
4.  Learning new way of business

External Threats

1. Destination political threat
2. International competition
3. Environmental Threats
4.  Failure of marketing plan

Internal Strengths

1. Specialized Business for coffee bars
2. Rich taste
3. Efficient management
4. Sound marketing plan

"Maxi-Maxi" Strategy

Our marketing plan will create a lot of opportunities in international markets

"Maxi-Mini" Strategy

Management will have a department of environmental scanning the business threats

Internal Weaknesses (W)

1.  Company in loss
2.   Short of revenues
3. Less number of Bars
4.  Low amount of customers

"Mini-Maxi" Strategy

Opening international franchisees and make an extensive marketing plan for this

"Mini-Mini" Strategy

Implementation on marketing plan.



TOWS Matrix adapted from Weihrich (1982-cited in Johnson et al., 2005).


Seven’s P Marketing Mix

Seven’s Ps market marketing mix is composed of Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process & Physical evidence.



Product which is to be marketed is franchisee of a company which is Coffee Republic’s coffee bar.  This includes many types of

Coffee, tea and other hot drinks:

Cafe Latte, SKINNY Latte, Cappuccino, SKINNY Cappuccino, Caramel Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, Ristretto, Con Pinna, Extras! Add flavored syrups, whipped cream, marshmallows or soya milk, Twining’s Traditional English tea, Twining’s Assam tea, Twining’s Earl Gray tea, Twining’s Darjeeling tea, Twining’s Pure Green tea, Twining’s Green, tea with Orange & Lotus Flower, Twining’s Pure Chamomile tea, Twining’s Lemon & Ginger tea, Twining’s Pure Peppermint tea, Twining’s Orange, Mango & Cinnamon tea, winnings Blackcurrant…

Cold Drinks

Iced Cafe Mocha, Iced Cafe Latte, Iced Americano, Iced Tea, Kinder Bueno Shake, Rollo Shake, Jaffa Cake Shake, Jimmy Biscuit Shake, Oreo Cookie Shake, Toffee Crisp Shake, Hobnobs Shake, Mint Aero Shake, Classic Vanilla Shake, Classis Strawberry Shake, Classis Chocolate Shake, Cafe Freezer (Ice bended drink), Mocha Freezer, Mango Freezer, Berry Freezer, Strawberry & Banana Freezer…

BREAKFAST 7am - 10.30am

Cheese & Marmite Muffin, Cheese & Tomato Muffin, Ham & Cheese Muffin, Cheese Muffin, Bacon Bagel, Egg Bagel, Bacon & Egg Bagel, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel, Hot Bacon Feast Baguette, Hot Sausage Baguette, Bacon & Egg Baguette, Sausage & Egg Baguette, Rachel's Organic Yogurt, Fresh Fruit Salad, Cheese & Tomato Omelet AND Ham & Cheese Croissant…

DELI LUNCH 11.30am - 3.30pm

Any sandwich can be made on a choice of White or Granary Bread, Baguette, Bagel or Wrap, Ham & Cheese Club, BLT,  CR All Day Breakfast, Hot Sausage, Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto, Egg Mayonnaise, Cheese Ploughman’s, Brie & Cranberry, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Prawn Salad, Tuna & Mozzarella Melt, CR Chicken & Bacon Club, Chicken Salad, Chicken Tikka…


Tuna, Tomato, Egg & Mixed Bean, Chicken Caesar Salad, Tomato, Mozzarella Pesto Pasta & Build Your Own Salad NY.


Price for a single franchisee is €50000. In this franchisee cost we will provide the formula, machinery, training to the staff, our policies and rule for which investor is bound. After this investor of franchisee would be 10% of partner for his profit or loss. 

Price of a product is fixed for a single country. This is kept in the local currency and as according to the economic conditions and competitors price. Each and every product has its own distinctive price. The prices of products are always changing according to the life cycle of that product. The prices of products are kept in such a way that this is not high for the customers but also gives handsome margins on its cost.


The country for the franchisee is not specific and not even city. The campaign would be involved in the countries where we don’t have any franchisee. It would be done in continents of Asia, Russia, Africa and America.  Franchisee would be only given to that investor who would be having a highly running an area for the perspective franchisee, which is reputable and which is having a good and easy approach to reach.


The marketing process will start from the marketing plan for which this report is composed of. After this the plan would be organized that which countries to choose for this plan. After planning it would be implemented as according to the IMC in the next part. This campaign will involve three types of promotional activities like advertising, sales promotion and public relations. There would be no sales force involved in this marketing plan. In the end the marketing strategy would be implemented and changed accordingly as we will find the deficiencies in the marketing plan.

Physical evidence


Physical evidence is that how our plan would be implemented is all discussed in integrated marketing Communication Plan in the upcoming marketing report. This is evidenced in a beautiful manner.


Integrated Marketing Communication Plan 



Marketing Communications Elements:


We are promoting our franchisee different platforms. Our motto is to expand our business in every part of the world. Our franchisee idea is being promoted by all common communication platforms of advertising, sales promotion and Public relations but not any personal selling is used.



We have massively advertised our company by using different types of advertisements in different part of the planet.


Advertisement Objectives:

We have advertisement objectives are expand our business through franchisees promotion. For this purpose we have planning of expansion in our company to fifty countries round the globe.

Selecting Media:

Coffee Republic is going to use a lot of types of media to convey its message to its perspective customers and target audience.


Print and broadcast ads:

Coffee Republic will use newspapers to advertise franchisee program. The advertisement will be given in the business newspapers and in the front pages of Daily newspapers. These would be having physical photographs and some text will be explaining about the superior features about the products.


Broadcast media or television channels would be ads about the Coffee Republic franchisee program. All the ads will be made by the advertising agencies in different countries according to their customs, traditions and local language.




We will be having the promotion of our company by billboard advertisement. These billboards will be having the same format and message which is given in the newspaper media. These billboards will be located in the center often big cities of each country.



Distributing the CDs of company’s product is a modern technique used these days. We can play these CDs on projectors on different places like shopping plazas, high class markets and other places where 


Sales promotions:

Sales promotion is a good tool to boost up the sale of a company but in this case we have different objective for this promotional element. We will go for the sales promotion for just to acknowledge about our company.   


Objectives of sales promotion:

Our main objectives for the sale promotion are given as under:


Our first objective is to the same mentioned above that company wants to make our Brand acknowledged by our target audience moreover  objective for the sale promotion is to supplementing the advertising.


Directing the sales promotion efforts:

Our sales promotion programmed will be directed through expert sales promotion organizations. These agencies are specialize they make the budget according to the company’s current financial conditions and compatible to integrated marketing communication.


Appropriate techniques:

The most appropriate technique would obviously be decided by the sales promotion agencies.


Low-interest financing:

We can offer our franchisee by providing loans to the investors in low interest installments.



We must participate in exhibitions on the international levels where we can have free stalls of our coffee products.


Public relations:

Public relation is one of the best platforms for the promotion of our franchisee program.


Press kits:

Make news called story and distribute it to the press media. This would be done about the company in a positive manner.



Coffee Republic will arrange for the seminars and some highly knowledgeable representative of the company will address the people about the company’s franchisee program and its products.


Annual report:

Company’s annual report is another fine way of communication to the customers and buyers to persuade them to in our franchisee program.





Sponsorship of company for any show exhibition, sports events or live music concerts can make good public relations and company’s image for the target audience of Coffee Republic.


Company Magazine:

Coffee will launch a Company magazine which will be distributed to the customers and other target audience people. This magazine will be having information, up gradations & company news. It would be having some health tips, will be an attractive look and most importantly about the franchisee detail.



The company will also have some publications for the benefits of target audience. The publications would be involving yearly calendars, personal diaries, key chains and other things which come in the daily usage of business executives or target audience investors.



Coffee Republic will create events according to the different cultures of several places. Creating events for the company can have a marvelous image in the eyes of customers.


All the above Public Relation activities will not be done in a single place but these will be created just according to the demands and cultural aspect of different countries where Coffee Republic is going to launch its promotional program.





As Coffee Republic is going in loss, so it needs to do something which will get it back in the profits. For this it has made a lot of strategy and chosen one from them. The Strategy chosen is a marketing plan to open more franchisee round the globe. The company will go for an extensive marketing to promote the franchisee program. 

This is Plan is suitable, acceptable and feasible by the stakeholders, management and customer of the company because this the time where company needs to take some actions to get back on the track of profits and this is the right tactic to not making many changes in the company but just to go for an extensive marketing of its continued operation.


It is a well-made integrated marketing communication plan. This includes different types of advertising, sales promotional and public relation activities. All the IMC elements are well made according to the marketing plan and well compatible with the company’s image. This program will increase the company’s image and will bring some positive changes by increasing the number of franchisees made according to the company’s demand.


These increase numbers of franchisees will ultimately increase the revenues and resultantly the profits of the company. Every franchisee would be adding a 10% of its profits to the company’s profit and loss account by using the company’s copy rights, formulas, supervision and management. This will strategy will expand the company’s business, increase the international image and make it an internationally flourished and large organization.


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