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Consumer Behavior Analysis - Marketing Mix Stimuli

Consumer Behavior Analysis

This report gives you the perfect example of a business using service marketing mix Analysis.

Marketing mix stimuli

The report describes the marketing mix of Singapore Airline which stimulates that how the company affects the customer's perception by its marketing mix strategy. This a great example of airline marketing mix.

Service: (product):

Singapore Airlines is a service-oriented company involved in the business of Airline passenger and Cargo travel. It is a high quality service provider company. It describes its service as under:


“The class you’ve chosen to fly, the best quality toiletries, comfortable sleeper suits, and excellent reading material may be available in your cabin. We even offer a turndown service in our First Class cabin, which allows us to transform your seat into a bed on request.” 

All of their passenger services are described in the second section of this report. Where this section discusses the cargo service of company. Singapore Airline Cargo is the third-largest cargo service provider as per the international freight ton kilometers (FTK). Its network is spanning thirty-six cities located in eighteen countries of the world. 


It attracts the business consumers by having a strong brand image and providing its services in livestock like (race horses, cattle) fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, automobiles, machinery, military hardware, small aircraft, pipes, drilling equipment and a big list is as long as you can imagination.



Singapore Airlines gives one of the most reasonable fares for both passenger and Cargo services. As it charges different fares to the different classes but all the fares are lower as compare to the other high class Air Traveling companies. Customer of its flight operations have always a great economic consumer surplus comparing to its inflight and ground services for passenger and cargo.




Singapore airline promotes its services in different ways. It uses TV advertisement, uses Radio advertisements by playing some beautiful sights and sounds of Singapore, promoting the local culture, showing it business class and other many facilities in those ads with a special concentration on the Singapore air hostesses.


It also attracts the customers by involving in a lot of sales promotion activates like partner promotion including Partner Offers Double Miles at Grand Mercury, Mercury hotels, Ascott Triple miles at Ascott International, American Express Kris Flyer, Gold Credit Card are names of few of many promotions provided by the company given on its website. It also makes special programmers for brand loyalty like stay, call, booking, drive or shop to be in touch with Singapore Airline. In addition it provides special promotions to its partners (registered consumers) on a regular basis, like to receive bonus miles and other great benefits they can earn up to 185% of actual miles flown.

Physical Distribution:

There are many ways of distribution for the services of Singapore Airline like company website we can book for flights, purchase tickets and order for cargo and any other service provided by the company. It also does the same on telephone services. In addition there are number of company offices through which a customer can avail these services. There are also a lot of agents in each of the eighteen courts’ major cities to book and purchase tickets. 

Consumer Environment and international branding:     

In the last few decades there were many radical changes in the airline industry. In the same manner companies involved in this business are changing their branding and marketing strategies. In There are also a lot of changes coming in the environment of company which has affected the cognitive perception of its customers.

Capitalism Time:

A few decades ago marketing was an unimportant activity especially with airline companies. Because companies were protected by government ownership and were safe and there was almost no competition amongst them. It was more like an oligopolistic market structure where there were almost no promotional efforts and quality was highly uneven.

Time of socialism:

Now in the time of socialism there are many radical changes in global airlines industry.  There is a vast development in economy which is increasing the spending power of customers. There are changes in the every department of consumers’ external environment like Demographic, legal-political, socio-economic and technological changes have revolutionary changed industry transformations.

Economic Changes:

There is a rapid re-structuring in the industry. Singapore Airline was also result of restructuring when it came into existence in 1972 before there were many acquisition of company since 1947 by different names. In these days there are mergers and acquisition in the industry all around. These economic changes have changed the marketing and business policies of Singapore Airlines. Now all the business process and policies are reflecting the consumer-oriented marketing, which have resulted consistent profits for the company. The last economic slump has created bankruptcies, mergers, joint marketing agreements, rightsizing & downsizing in the global airline companies.

These all the economic changes have also changed the customer perception about the airlines. Now with more spending power for tourism and business customers are traveling more and more and demanding better facilities and services.  


Now there is a huge competition in the industry than ever before. Comparing to the oligopolistic competition in old times companies are competing on the perfect market competition on the bases of price and quality in new this era. Singapore airline is the innovation leader of the world airline industry. This competition has changed the cognition of customers who are enjoying more and better services than ever before.  



The world technology is changing with the speed of flash. The life has become immensely busy and fast. Internet and communication have become the need of every customer's life. There is also great development in the airline technology where the giant planes are being manufactured like A380. Airports are becoming larger and better. Aircraft manufacturing companies like Boeing and Airbus also installing numberless technological changes in planes. To fulfill the needs of highly demanding customer Singapore Airlines is providing more and more facilities to provide services above expectations.

 Demographic Social and cultural factors:

World demographics have changed to a great extent in the recent time and people are now very modern & demanding. There is a huge importance being given to the female gender. Now the customer is highly demanding and Singapore Airlines is also changing the marketing and business policies according to the customer changing needs.




As discussed in the whole report that changes in external environment of companies and consumers are resulting changes in the cognition process, thinking style and behavior of consumers. These customer behavior analysis and changes are inducing organizations like Singapore Airlines to surpass the needs and demands of customer by creating innovative services, market the customer oriented changes in marketing strategies and creating a handsome brand image has provided a handsome economic surplus. Following are some examples of marketing mix essay by Research Region.


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