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Consumer Behavior Analysis - Physiological Factors of Customers

This report discuss the examples which of Singapore International Airlines (SIA) to affect the company’s physiological factors of its customers. The company have received numerous awards for its service standard. It try influencing its customer by claiming to be the World's most Awarded Airline. SIA placed it first in both economy and economy pus (premium) classes. It also tops in its website and flight comfort along with other service and meal in all classes


In-flight services

Singapore Airline provides a lot of in-flight services which motivates the customers to travel around the world and influences their cognitive response. For capturing more part of the market and earning revenue it targets, the company provides in-flight services to the different classes in the same flights.



Singapore Airlines has cabin services which provides the customer a separate cabin to travel though its aircrafts.


First class

There are four variations in the first class cabin. Singapore Airlines proides suites in different fares for all four types of passengers. 

These suits are designed by French luxury yacht interior designer Jean-Jacques Cost which includes separate compartments, leather seat, LCD TV screens is hanged on the front wall, and beds are separate from the seats.


Business class


Business class in A380 Aircrafts such as flight from Singapore to Sydney has fully flat bed, forward-facing seats, diagonal screen television, in-seat power supply with 2 USB ports and high-speed Internet service.


Executive Economy Class


Executive Economy Class includes the services of 37 seats having 20" in width, 150° seat recline, 9-inch personal screen, in-seat power supply, light snacks and drinks in the flight


Economy class


Economy class includes seats with personal television screens, footrests, adjustable seat reclines, independent cup holder and 2 USB ports.  



In-flight entertainment and communication system


This is a huge motivation for the company’s customers that Wiseman 3000 system is aviable in the fligts which offers on-demand movies, audio and video games in all classes, live TV, In-seat AC power etc. 




Singapore Airlines provides quality meal. It includes the menu of many world-class dishes. The best thing about the food is that you can order any dish in advance form a big list of dishes before the flight is booked. In long travels it also provides soft drinks, coffees and tea facilities.



Ground services

The ground services also motivates the physiological factors through which customer may check-in between 2 to 48 hours before flight departure and can also check-in at the Singapore Airlines Service Center through the Internet or by SMS service. They can print boarding passes online, plan short trips and also can check-in for return flight on departure. 


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