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Consumer Behavior Analysis

The Article is based on the global branding and marketing strategies of an airline company Singapore Airlines. The purpose of consumer is to explain that how a consumer’s cognitions is affected by the marketing strategies of a company.


Reason of company Selection:

In Airline industry the competition is very hard and airlines are competing each other on the basis of price and quality. This obviously is an international industry, which influences the international customers on, physiological on their factors. Singapore Airline is also a global company involved into the business of Passenger air travel and cargo. It has a great reputation in the strong branding and marketing strategies with respect to trendsetters in aviation industry. To capture more and more attention of customers it has launched "Superjumbo" Airbus 380.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary, of Silk Air, manages regional flights to secondary cities with smaller capacity requirements. It is the largest carrier of the world by market capitalization. It is ranked in the top fifteen carriers worldwide with respect to the passenger air travel is the eighth largest airline companies in Asia and is also ranked sixth for international passengers carried in the world.

Singapore Airlines have always come up as a successful innovator, safety and service excellence provider. It has always shown a consistency in profitability and has won numberless awards.

International Branding:

As mentioned before that this airline company has an outstanding image. It is involved in the following efforts to further enhance its publicity as primarily flight crew:

In any sort of Advertisement by the company it features its air hostesses which are beautiful Singapore Girls. Its strategy for branding aims to build a strong image around the Singapore Girls, and shows there is responsiveness for hospitality and grace in Asian culture. Singapore Airlines has a beautiful logo which includes a bird well known as the Silver Kris. Aircrafts of Singapore Airlines are also worth seeing which are beautifully painted and designed portraying the Singapore Culture in a beautiful design.


General Individual psychological factors

Following are the general physiological factors which are targeted by the company to get a big stake of international airline industry:

There are many consumer physiological factors that affect the decision making process of a consumer and often change his decision. Singapore Airline is well targeting these factors this is because it has a strong Brand Image in the world. These factors include gender, age and life cycle stage, personality, self-concept, self-image, emotions, attitudes, perceptions, motivation, learning and memory.


Singapore Airlines is targeting the both genders of male and female in the promotions of company. Both are equally important for the airline company. It influence them to travel through their Airline for any purpose whether for tourism, business or for personal reasons. 


Target market of the company is the people of age above twenty or every person who has the earning to travel through airline for their work. It targets the person who has the earning above USD 500 living anywhere in the world.

Emotions, attitudes, perceptions and motivation:

Singapore Airline often shows the emotional relationships of family and friendss. It also markets its image to the different attitudes people of world in a different manner. By creating a strong brand image to affect the people's perception about the company’s image. It motivates all air travel customers to travel by creating different fares in the same flight by providing services of different ways accordingly.


In all the above ways Singapore Airline is highly famous by motivating the people to use the company's services.

Above mentioned are the factors which are affected by the company's promotional strategies, services excellences and brand image.


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