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Corporate Social Responsibility Applied Practically

Social responsibility and ethical issues relate to many aspects of a multinational organization like its culture and management practice. It is always one of the major objectives of multinationals to meet their corporate social responsibility. The subject is practically examined in this three part article. However it defines the nature of ethics to reply some easy questions in the context of business, ethical receptions which have to be practicable to use.


The report includes various discussions about the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of two companies of the same industry. Both are involved in the business of Oil and Gas refinery and other related products. The report tells us that how differently both of the companies are handling their CSR. The report of both of the companies is exploring the Industrial, Organizational and Institutional factor of corporate social responsibility.

Marathon Oil Corporation is a US based company & the other company Premier Oil is headquartered in UK. Both of the companies are involved in CSR strategies in different ways. Marathon is complying its corporate social responsibility by implementing its three major points for CRS strategy including; Education, PHILANTHROPY & HES Policy. On the other hand PREMIER OIL is making efforts to have a control on malaria disease in African countries.  Premier Oil meets its social responsibility by its five points value perspective; professionalism, dynamism, tenacity and creativity.

Premier Oil Corporation is involved in Environmental Indicators, Gas reinjection, renewable energy resources, greenhouse gas emissions, waste of residual materials, spills and discharges, environmental performance Metrics, Environmental stewardship, Stakeholder dialogue & social reporting, communication & Reporting Strategy, Compliance & Proactive Engagement strategy, employment policy & social justice in the workplace, business integrity policy, human rights policy, health & safety, environment security, policies and principles of CSR,  and HSES management system.

Marathon in concentrating on malaria disease and other major  points involve: Accident Prevention, Prevention of Pollution and resource conservation, communities, security and emergency awareness, risk assessment, legislative and regulatory compliance, training & education, product safely, contractor performance, measurement of performance,  communication & continuous improvement.  

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