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Customer Acquisition Strategies and Tactics

Customer acquisition strategies and tactics


Competition between the cellular companies is very stiff these days. Companies are just too busy in introducing new & enhanced technological features to consumers. Marketing tactics are just compulsory to stay in this highly competitive market. T-Mobile is a well-established multinational cellular company which has years of experience in 92 countries of the world. The T-Mobile makes an example of best customer acquisition strategy for the service sector business.

Target audience of the company is well aware of the company's name and many services it provides to its customer as well. Now the company is going to launch a new marketing campaign which objective is to link the target audience in such a way that customer will feel as a part of T-Mobile. This whole report is surrounding around the question; how the T-Mobile will acquire the new customers? Following is the new customer acquisition strategy by T-Mobiles.


  • It is planned to associate them with the company to create a favorable positive impressions amongst the cellular consumers to acquire new customers.
  • Basic objective of the company is to acquire new customers to the company by targeting young potential cellular customers and acquire new customers.

Communication Strategy:

T-Mobiles have now devised a strategy to meet its objective and targets to increase its customers to expand the sales of organization.  The flow of this strategy would obviously is Push because it doesn’t have any distributors or retailers. It would be directed towards the customers by manufacturer and would be using three amongst the four tools (Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations) of marketing communication. All the tools would be working according to the above given strategies of Advertisement, sales promotion and Public relations. The communication message would be the facilities and advantages provided to the new customer.

  • By a practical approach the company strategy would be to introduce new range of products and services, which will attract new customer. Target audience of the company is people of young age below 22.
  • For teenagers Company will provide a huge variety of mobile games, latest music and ring tones. These all the services would be available on the company specified web page which would be free to visit and downloading from the specific web page would also be free.

Campaign Theme:

The campaign is having several messages to the target audience about the unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, unlimited nights, unlimited Weekends, Caller ID, voice mail, lower rates about call packages, flexible packages, family packages, internet & e-mail, black berry and billing just according to the relevant potential users of each feature.  

Marketing tools and media Selection:


Following Medias of advertisement for acquisition of new customers would be conveying its advertising theme messages by its ads: Television, Radio, new papers billboards, posters buntings and magazines. Television and radio advertisements would be developed by the advertisement agencies because they have the experience of making different types of ads because of which they are mostly more creative and specialized.

All the ads would be featuring the free download of games, music and ring tones. All the still ads would be having same composition and layout for each particular service.

In the still ads billboard would be placed in the places where people would be able to have an easy and longtime sight while driving/sitting in the car. This will make the customer remind of the similar message and the mesage would be fixed in his mind.

Posters would be pasted in the highly running markets, areas near schools, colleges and entertainment places (like parks, cinemas, playground, clubs and restaurants).

Buntings would be hanged in the shops and departmental stores where people purchase the balance loads of mobiles.       

Sales Promotion:

Objective of T-Mobile sales promotion is to bring long-term benefits. There are different sales promotion activities underlying by T-Mobiles these days. In addition there would be some additional sales promotion schemes for the potential new customers of company.

  • Rebate on bills (like 50% discount on first 2 month usage), mega prizes by coupons (Like one month tour to Europe), sponsorships (like sponsoring a school function or college competition for supports) & event marketing (Like ads on valentine day, Christmas or targeting national day of the destination country)
  • Public placements are outstanding strategies devised for acquiring new customers by T-Mobile. Sales promotion efforts would be done by the company’s own marketing department. All the mentioned events would be carrying message about advantages to potential new customer of the company.

Public Relations:

Public relation will increase the favorable image of the company to all the potential mobile users. Public Relations is the best marketing tool for creating a good brand image and most importantly the best way to feel the customer a part of the brand. 

  • Supporting charitable projects by UNICEF, UNDP & WWF, participation in community service events (Created by the charitable organizations working for development of communities).
  •  Participating in national events and disseminating above theme information through exhibits, displays and tours in the public relation strategy would be the public relation tactic.
  • Entertaining the customer is one of the best strategies of brand engagement and acquiring new customers for these concerts, entertainment tours, festivals & fairs and art function would be organized where customers would be informed and convinced about the T-Mobile services.  

Brand engagement strategy

T-Mobile is already doing well to keep its customer engaged with its brads. The company recently have earned top ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates Wireless Customer Care Performance Study, the seventh successive period it has held the highest spot. To make the potential new customer feel the part of Brand Company will have to be implementing the above marketing strategies especially the public relation strategies. To engage the customer with its brand T-mobiles will have to provide better, different and cheaper prices & services or a combination of those both with a good communication strategy.

  • A powerful brand engagement would be achieved by long-term consistent service, continues innovations, and establishing relationship with customers.
  • More tactics of brand engagement would be to send birth day wishes by SMSs, valentine day wishes, TV ads showing attachment with culture & traditions and wishing national days of the country.
  • Providing quick and repulsive customer service will also enhance the customer engagement with brand.         


Following is the flow of T-Mobile Marketing Communication Strategy shown by a flow chart:

customer acquisition strategies and tactics

With this example you can not only make analysis of new business acquisition strategies and tactics or an existing one. 

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