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Financial Plan Example

Financial Plan Example


Research Region has the history to help its customers in their business plan reports and also the parts of business plan like financial plan. We have made hundreds of financial plans for our customers round the globe. With the years of experience our analysts are well expert to analyze and make some well predicted financial plans for any business industry in any region of the world.


These are not the financial analysts only which make the Business financial plan individually.  These are made with the collaboration of the operational experts, marketing experts and the experts of legal & architectural personnel who has already worked for the business plan report or are relevant in the business industry. Our financial plans are absolutely accurate with respect to the accountant standards.


Our made Business financial plan includes the projected income statement 5 year plan and projected monthly income statement of each year. All this provide detailed analyses of cost of goods sold, gross profit, operating expenses, operating income, taxes, depreciation expense and number of other income statement factors in term of well accurate yearly and monthly projections for 5 years.


Research Region provides the 5 year projected cash flow statements and monthly projected cash flow statements which shows that how the cash of the business will maneuver. The cash flow shows the previous period business cash position if any. It shows the projected cash inflows and outflows of cash in operating, investing and financing activities and finally the ending period net cash balance available.


The final accounting statement presented is the balance sheet which shows the projected position of current & long-term assets, current & long term liabilities and company’s total equity capital. Number of other things like accumulated depreciation, accumulated income, reserves, and liquid assets are also the part of Research Region Financial Plan’s balance sheet.


Other things part of our financial plan includes the Start-Up Expenses, Monthly Revenues Details, Details of salaries, details of other possible expenses, loan amortization schedule, break even analyses, ratio analysis with all types of  financial ratios and any other requirements by the our customers. All the financial data is well presented in beautifully designed macros enabled tables, important information is graphically presented and in the end all the possible financial assumptions are given to explain the entire financial plan. Get a short Financial Plan Example  by Research Region.

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