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Hotel Business Plan - Small, Medium and Large hotels

Hotel Business Plan:

This report is all about HOTEL BUSINESS PLAN & FEASIBILITY. This report is answering many questions like; what is the style of hotel? How large is this (Means who are the people who would be visiting and having their need filled? What services this is offering to its customer. What is the target market of this hotel? What is the location of this medium size hotel? In which country this is situated?  What is the approximate size? What numbers of rooms are there? What is the size of those rooms?


Despite answering the several questions this is a complete report which tells us what the sort of hotel is the ideal to make in this age of changing time. This report also summarizes the interiors and exteriors of the particular hotel. This report is basing on many of the hotel round the world. Report is the collection of information and application of features of different hotels round the globe.


This is not a complete feasibility of a small hotel business plan providing the market, economics, financial and technology. This report is the combination of collection of information for different feature and some innovative ideas to make an ideal hotel in the best location of the world. This repot also tells us about the furniture, flooring, walls and other things. Materials of all of the building finishing, furniture and fixture are discussed. Different places and rooms’ facility are described as well.


In short the report about four points (i) nature of the business, (ii) its approximate size and (iii) its location (e.g. whether rural, urban or coastal) and (iv) country.        




This is a very breif free hotel business plan example. The report is all about a Hotel Business Plan for West Virginia Hotel. This is a medium size lures hotel. The first part of report describes the nature of business of West Virginia Hotel includes Spa & Fitness, personal and corporate meetings, banquets, restaurants and bars, accommodation (includes 3 different types of rooms leisure rooms, executive rooms & luxury suites) and travel guide facilities.


Second part describes the structure of hotel which is 100 sq. yards; triple storey building includes 75 rooms and two large halls of banquet, blue glass in exteriors, large tile in floorings and rest of the beautiful interiors.


Third part describes the Mote Carlo city where the Hotel is located. This is a beautiful and extremely wealthy city. This is famous for some mega sports events, casinos and glamour which is just about a perfect spot for a hotel.


Last and the final part of report describe the country Monaca which is host for the west Virginia Hotel. The country’ economy, education, law, geography and language is described.


Hotel West Virginia:


The report is the descriptive business plan of Hotel naming Hotel West Virginia composed four points; nature of the business, its approximate size, its location and country..        


Nature of Business


The hotel is being involved into the businesses of restaurant, rented rooms, tourism, business dealings, corporate meetings, in-suit facilities, leisure information, travel information, private meetings, banqueting facilities and Health Club.  All the faculties are described as under:


Target Market:

As it is discussed above that the hotel is located in the city of Monte Carlo. This is because the business target market is the huge number of visitors round the world comes for tourism & business dealings and local residents of the city coming for dining and restaurant facilities.   


Spa & Fitness (Health Club) 

This health club is having the facilities of massage (Deep Sport massage & Thai Message).  This state-of-the-art fitness center of the hotel offers highly specialized equipment, sauna, steam bath, a huge range of training machines and free weights.





This West Virginia Hotel is fully-equipped for private meetings. The corporate and commercial requirement of hotel business equipment includes; LCD, multi-media & slide projectors, television, videocassette recorder, laser pointer, flipchart board and video conferencing facilities.



West Virginia Hotel has beautiful banquets for wedding ceremonies, exclusive parties and exhibitions; West Virginia Hotels has beautiful catering facilities and variety of delicious food of customer’s choice.

Restaurants and bars:

As described above that our hotel is located at the sea view of Monte Carlo so, sea view with delicious food is visible throughout the restaurant,  Bar section includes the astonishing pre and post dinner drinks, finest hospitality, separate sound system for each section, and a fine selection of cigars.


As the West Virginia Hotel is a medium size hotel, so Hotel is having just the 75 High Class rooms facility for accommodation of visitors and tourists of Mote Carlo. Each room is 27’ square feet. There are three categories of rooms Leisure rooms, executive rooms and luxury suits.

Leisure Rooms:

These rooms are well equipped with, wireless internet connectivity, phone & fax, in-room safe, plasma TV, 24-hour in-room dining, laundry and butler service on demand.

Executive Rooms 

These rooms are having the added faculties of E- floor guest, free local telephone calls and rapid check ins & check outs for the executive floor guests.


Luxury Suites

Beautifully designed these rooms are featuring  separate livings and dining areas, 24 hours air-conditioning (with just a touch of a button),  this suite is having a well-equipped office area having laptop, an electronic safe and an in-suite mini-bar.


Travel Guide:


This hotel provides traveling facilities of Monte Carlo including; a travel book (with information of tourist places of Monte Carlo), informative CDs, travel Maps and if required the Hotel West Virginia Provides a Guide how guides about the tourism in Monaco.    



Hotel structure

(Its approximate size)


Hotel West Virginia is Medium size luxury Hotel. This hotel is surrounded in the 50 sq. yards area. It is astonishingly located on the hills of Monte Carlo which is very near to the sea, so the Hotel is giving a sea view. This is a triple storey building having 75 bed rooms and a couple of big Banquet halls. Both of the halls are equally divided in the 200’ square feet area.     


Hotel West Virginia is having a beautiful structure. This is fully glass made exterior. Outer wall of the hotel are made with an attractive dark blue glass. These glass are giving an external view of sea and beautiful surroundings from the inside area. This glass view gives a shining view of hotel form the outside view and makes it look stunningly beautiful. This glass view building is having the height of 200 feet.


75 rooms of the Hotel West Virginia are beautifully designed of 27’ sq. ft. each. Luxury suits are having a bit extra space for a well complete office in addition. Each bedroom is made for a couple of people. There is a spaces and capacity of 500 guests in the each banquet hall. This space can be extended by moving the movable wall in between the two halls. For larger functions the wall ca be eliminated or kept a side.

Flooring of Hotel is made from the marbles and extremely beautiful artificial large size ties of 4 sq. ft. each. There is a beautiful center flooring of designed tiles in the banquet halls and in the center of all rooms.


Hotel location

Location of this hotel is purely urban. As mentioned many times before that West Virginia Hotel is Located in Monte Carlo.  Monte Carlo is the wealthiest city of a small state named Monaco. This city is sometimes mistakenly considered country's capital. The city is one of best tourism locations in Europe. Key tourist Places in Monaco are Cathedral, Napoleon Museum, the Oceanographic Museum and aquarium, and the Prince Palace.

This city is well reputed for its glamorous casinos, and for beautiful sights round the city. Population for the city is only about 3000. The proper city is only the Monte Carlo city where there are casino located, but the target market of the West Virginia Hotel is Haut-Monte-Carlo which has neighbors of Saint Michel, Saint Roman and beach community of Larvotto.

This Monte Carlo is City of Monaco is a small sate in the neighbor of France. Monte Carlo is the home for the mega sports events like Circuit de Monaco, on which the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix takes place every year. This city is also host of world boxing championship. Moreover this is having Club Monte Carlo which hosts Monte Carlo Tennis Masters Series. Fashion shows and other events also take place here. Monte Carlo has been visited for many decades by royalty as well as the general public and movie stars. The city is famous for Sports Celebrities like Rafael Nadal and Michel Schumacher.


Country of West Virginia Hotel

Monaco is a beautiful country situated in European Continent. It is famous for tourism following is the brief description about the country:


Main sources of income for the country are tourism. Ever year a huge amount of tourists are attracted to its stunning natural, buildings structures, casinos and pleasant climate. The industries include cosmetics, and tobacco industries. The county is known as tax heaven it has no income tax for individuals. This tax haven includes many of the European Country people having major income outside the Monaco but bigger amount of people are significantly less well-known business people.


French is official language but Italian, English, and some other languages are also spoken here.


Small number of schools in this small state is sufficient for the permanent residents. Literacy rate of the country is 100%. It has a world famous University named International University of Monaco.


In the borders of Monaco there is France to the north, west, & south and Mediterranean Sea in the east.


Monaco Population is minority people of its own country French 47%, Monegasque 16%, and Italians 16% and remaining 21% are from 125 different nations and nationalities. This is because Monaco is called an International country. 

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