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MARATHON - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Profile

Marathon Oil is a US based Oil Company supply crude oil and natural gas. Marathon is operating across the globe, providing innovative and high quality product to its customers with the usage of high technology. Its existing central areas are United States, Equatorial Guinea, Libya and the North Sea and planning to establish in Angola and Indonesia.

Marathon owns a 20% in the Athabasca Oil Sands Project (AOSP), Marathon's integrated gas business increase significance through the expansion of opportunities produced by the emerging demand for natural gas. Marathon’s is fifth largest oil refiner company in US does its business by seven refiner plants producing 974,000 crude oil barrels every day. The company is having an extensive transportation and marketing operation.   

Corporate Governance

Marathon believes that a reputation for integrity is most essential of assets a company can have. Marathon supports corporate governance as it adds more clearness for shareholder and further accountability the people having positions in financial stewardship.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility gives a strong global image to Marathon. It is applied in supporting the corporate citizens and the communities and countries where the company is operating its businesses.

What Corporate Social Responsibility in practice is “judging all the ways that a Marathon’s decisions and operations can have an impact other.” It means above refinery business considering how company’s actions influence a variety of individuals, groups and organizations. It must think of stakeholders before any final decision, they include local communities, non-governmental organizations, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, host governments and regulatory agencies.

Ethics and Integrity

The company is well committed of keeping throughout the whole world the high standards of ethics and principles. Marathon’s ambition of business is to follow all the laws and keep its values of trust, respect, dignity and honesty, which are the basic of all the business decisions. The company’s stakeholders understand the business position of ethics, where ever Marathon is operating.

Administration of company is responsible for developing and implementing the ethical programmers and also reporting of suspected illegal or unethical activity. Marathon’s department of accounts is responsible for inquiries, complaints and all other accounting policies regarding audit, suppliers, customers and other stakeholder for ethical concerns of accounting.

HES Policy (Internal or Local community)

This HES policy is having details about the CSR strategy more related about the company’s internal strategy that how the CSR will be conducted by Marathon. HES policy is telling key factors of CSR compliance only where the Company is operating its business. Our team is highly dedicated to maintain the highest standard of Health, environmental and safety at international level. To get this we have twelve principles as follows:

Organizational Factors for CSR:

  • Continuous Improvement: We compile our previous results of HES performance and make new policies and changes in our HES policy to keep our programs at the highest standards.
  • Prevention of Pollution and Resource Conservation: Marathon Oil Corporation is very dedicated for environmental protection and emphasizes, to minimize wastes, emissions and releases from its operations.
  • Security and Emergency awareness: Marathon is well aware of security and emergency concerns. It is having some sound plans for any emergency situation and we are very well equipped to handle the any security and emergency situation.
  • Risk Assessment: All types of risks are very well assessed by Marathon to fight with any risk regarding the operations of business.
  • Communities: We are well committed to keep the communities of our surroundings very safe and make good relations with all of them.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance: Marathon is complying well with all the laws and regulations regarding HES. It is very well committed to increase the standards of laws and regulations regarding HES.
  • Product safely: We encourage our parties and customers by providing them information about our products’ safe usage, handling them, products’ transportation, method of storage and recycling of waste and products.
  • Measurement of Performance:  we use our key indicators to monitor the performance of HES and this is done on the regular basis.
  • Accident Prevention: Marathon’s aim is to make the workplace accident fee and zero injury. The company has taken certain measures from prevention of any injury and casualty. 
  • Communication: We communicate with our employees, contractors and stakeholders to have a good combination of HES and Marathon strategies.
  • Training and Education: We have the policy to train our employees regarding HES to make a proper implementation of it. Our employees are well aware of HES policy.
  • Contractor Performance: We monitor our contractors’ performance in timely manner to have a proper implementation of our HES policy. We work with them in a common interest to make right results about HES.


The companies is well aware of o its reputation for being socially responsible for corporate citizen. This is crucial for the continuity success of business. It must remain responsible for the needs and interests of its employees, neighbors and community stakeholders, The Company have to provide sustainable benefits from the communities in which it is working.

This Oil Company came into existence in 200. Since then this is providing support for educational needs, health and human services, civic and community needs, environmental and social requirements. It is providing grants to nonprofit organizations which are operating within United States. The Marathon Oil Company Foundation and Corporate Contributions Committee review grant requests that focus on:

Health and Human Services:

Marathon Oil Corporation gives a lot of direct capital grants and operating grants inside United States.


Marathon Oil Corporation gives a lot of direct capital grants and operating grants inside United Sates for higher education in colleges and universities. Engineering, geology, science and business institutions are Preferable for these grants. Scholarships are also provided for the sons and daughters of Marathon employees studying in the same institutions.

Global CSR Community 

Marathon is not only complying with the local community related to the business. Marathon is also actively participating in international and global communities with the help of different NGOs, Development Finance Institutions and other community development organizations.

Institutional factors for CSR:

  • The Company is having partnership with Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership, this contains few standards to eliminate vent and reduce flare of associated gas.
  • Marathon Oil Corporation also participates in the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights program. This program supports the human rights in the whole globe.  
  • This Oil company supports the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), The program supports governments, extractive companies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and others organizations to collaterally working to make sure the transparency of payments and revenues by joint or aggregated reporting.
  • All the Refining states of America Ohio, Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas are awarded EPA's Energy STAR of top quality energy efficiency of U.S. petroleum all the refineries.

Industrial Factors


Marathon complies with all the government official, policies and local laws where ever it has its business operation. It also keeps some good relations with all the local and foreign governments of its business concerns.

Code of Business Conduct

Marathon’s Code of Business Conduct sets high ethical standards. It maintains its standards to keep trust, respect, dignity and honesty in all process of businesses.

Business Ethics

Marathon’s ethics activities are monitored at the executive level. Upstream and downstream each has a chief compliance officer who oversees ethics and compliance efforts.

Political Contributions

Marathon supports for federal US candidates through Marathon Employees Political Action Committee (MEPAC) and, in the year 2006, MEPAC donated almost three hundred thousand dollars to federal and state candidates and political parties.


Marathon Oil Corporation opposes all kinds of corruption. It keeps transparency in payments and receipts of its business. It also complies with all the local and foreign laws coming under its business operation.

Anti-Corruption Compliance

Marathon Oil Corporation meets the terms of all anti-corruption laws in all the areas of its business operation. All the foreign employees are bound to have anti-corruption training of the area where they are on job for Marathon. 

Occupational Injury and Illness Rates

Goal of Marathon is to make an accidental- and injury-free workplace, with 100 percent safe work places & practices in its operations. It also has the objective of investigating injuries and incidents, implementing corrective actions and reviewing near misses. Marathon is conducting safety meetings and briefings to keep high safety awareness, about the injuries and accidents.

The company follows occupational illnesses and injuries in the whole world of its operation with the support of United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).   Marathon Oil Corporation has taken twelve safety workshops for 176 employees of Marathon and 102 contractors in the last half of year 2006. More than forty higher level managers of company and Core Company’s contractor participated in the workshops. Additional efforts are made from survival of injuries and accidents.

Process Safety

Marathon has some specified rules for process safety management, Marathon make knowledgeable about the usage dangerous chemical by using process safety principles.

The strengths of the Company’s worldwide process safety program are its risk management programs, compliance audits, safety culture and use of structured management systems. In next year, Marathon Oil Corporation will continuously improve its focus on process safety management.

Employee Participation

The company promotes health and safety understandings, by continual improvement through its policies, management systems and other programs. For rising awareness about CSR Strategy Company is providing training and development to its employees.

Workforce Health

For the success of any business the workforce health is one of the key issues. Marathon provides a lot of health, fitness and medical facilities for its workforce. It also provides medical allowances for the retired workforce of company. The company provides facility of health club and regular medical checkup of its labor and workforce.

Pandemic Flu Plan

In 2006, Marathon Oil Corporation made an emergency awareness, response and business continuity plan for the disease influenza having a considerable health danger. Marathon’s ambition is to minimize illness the risk and deaths among workers and their families.

Product-related Health Risks

The company produces, use utilize and sale some hazard products for the health witch can be dangerous in few conditions. For this company acknowledges its  customers, contractors, transporters and others who may come into contact with them for handling, transportation, storage, recycling, reuse and disposal of its materials, products and wastes.

Honesty and integrity

Marathon expects board members, officers, managers, supervisors and employees to maintain ethical behavior and integrity in all internal and external dealings. To promote and support ethical behavior, both in letter and in spirit, the Company provides compliance education, resources, tools and procedures for all employees.

Eradicating Malaria in Equatorial Guinea

A major concentration given, development made and spend its budget is the disease of Malaria. In the year in 2002, children of Bioko Island & Equatorial Guinea, malaria became the reason of forty percent of children’s deaths of below five and an almost the same percentage for illnesses of higher age. In that time Marathon Oil corporation put a lot of its efforts to fight with this disease.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Compliance

Marathon submits in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 and related regulations publicized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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