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Marketing communication: Basic Marketing Planning

This article describes the benefits of DWI product a consumers receives and finally the base of planning for marketing communication.

Consumer issues and DWI


We use the DWI product to survive from the effluence. Efflorescence a white powder material grows on the cement walls. Water carries dissolved lime and minerals from side to side the cement wall to the outside, where it disappear and reflects white mineral material. Some occasion, it comes from the pores like downy cotton fiber. If it is ignored, this becomes “cancer for concrete “finishes out and ultimately destroys concrete material. Wide efflorescence survives with the usage of proper absorption by sealers.

Water leakage:

DWI products also protects against water leakage. In our buildings we are having water-dependent machines and pipes which are carrying water; an apparatus for water leak discovery provides warning of a water leak is a warning for the protection of buildings.

Rising damp:

Products also used against rising damp. Rising damp protection products are extensively used in existing construction buildings, standing on the wrong interpretation of image evidence and the detections by moisture meters.

Mareting Planning:

Positioning statement

Special Features:


  • All the products of this DWI, Dermabit Waterproofing Industries are made from the finest possible raw materials.


  • All DWI are water resistant.


  • Positive barriers to Water and dampness.


  • DWI is cost effective.


  • It is environmentally friendly.


  • All the products are especially formulated for special purposes.


  • These are easy to apply.


  • Positive Barrie to water dampness.


  • Excellent resistant to ageing and atmospheric flaws.


  • Maintain shape stability at high temprature


Target Audiences:

The DWI Target audience is all the cities of Saudi Arabia and all the states of UAE. The company’s major goal, is to compete in international markets. DWI has made a network Distribution by dealers, agents, distributors in many markets starting from the neighboring Gulf and Arab countries and getting in depth of all the countries of the Asia Pacific area, while growing west into the European Union and North American countries


Vision and mission:

Mission Statement

DWI water proofing industries manufactures a new generation of advanced quality electrometric coatings and other water proofing products which are all water based and environmentally protected.

Our Vision:

DWI is founded on the beliefs of integrity in creation the optimum high class products to provide the retailers, local & international business markets and contractors. The goal of DWI is that those who decide to be followers of profit with DWI are profitable and will have an ever lasting relationship with us.

Our Goals:

  1. DWI will increase its sales volume by expanding its business in international markets. The company is all set to make a distribution network of dealers, agents, distributors in many markets starting from the neighboring GCC and Arab countries and reaching deep inside every country of the Asia Pacific region, while expanding west into the European and North American continent
  2. Achieve profits by reducing its cost by using new technologies and techniques. DWI will also increase the prices a bit to make it a standarad product company in the eyes of customer.
  3. It has the objective to get larger market shares by entering in the new markets and increasing the promotion and using integrated marketing communication strategies in a better way.
  4. DWI have the objective of maintaining market share by keeping concentration of its current products and keeping in eye the compatitors’ strategies.
  5. DWI,Dermabit Waterproofing Industries have always kept itself obove from the compition and eliminated competition by introducinng new and innovative products by facilitating more and more to the customer and will continue to do so.
  6. The company will also enjoy advantages of mass production by producing in more coutries and keeping low the cost of all its products.

7.      Make sure by a focused research and development department equipped by an entirely prepared laboratory for strict checks on raw material, finished goods and compulsory tests new developments.

Objectives for Coming year:


Corporate Objectives:

The corporate objectives are explicit, quantifiable and capable of being achieved. Corporate objectives outline the expectations of DWI strategic planning process for achieving better results.


Our objectives are related to the key factors for business success, which are typically as follows:

  • Profitability of our share holders and investors.
  • End level satisfaction of our customers.
  • Enhance market share in construction industry.
  • Growth in international markets.
  • Growth in our product lines.
  • The quality of our product and Total Quality Management.
  • Industrial relations with other business customers


Corporate social aspects:

United Nations Millennium Development Goals resulted in the increased awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in which a major goal is to increase the contribution of assistance from larger organizations particularly the construction companies and related companies multinational corporations. They responsibility is to help alleviate poverty and hunger and to be more aware of their impact on society. There is a lot of potential for Corporate Social Responsibility to help development in poor countries, particularly community based initiatives.


Our commitment is to contribute to the sustainable economic development by working with employees, their families and the local communities & societies for the improvement in their lives which finally will affect positively to the business and its developments.


CSR is also from respect of location, suppliers, consumers, employees and nearby residents. All four plays a vita role in their fields and ignorance of any one of them can be disastrous for the DWI.



Our site in industrial area of Saudi Arabia and which is not harmful to any other industry and other population related to it.



It includes suppliers of raw and semi-finished material, energy, water, fuel, gas, machine parts, etc. Just imagine if any one of these suppliers disconnects its supply the whole corporate will come to a standstill.



Our CSR also relates to our consumers by keeping the standard and quality of product high while maintaining prices to the minimum level.

Employees and nearby residents:

 Following are the fields in which employees and nearby residents can be helped under Corporate Social Responsibility:


  • Education, training and development of our employees
  • Health and safety of our employees
  • Environment protection
  • Social Activities such as charity programmes, donations, local gatherings etc.


Marketing Objectives:

At international level DWI will slowly and painstakingly built up its market share year after year until it will reach its present predominant position.


Marketing Communications Objectives:

DWI will be involved in massive marketing by advertising, sales promotion, public relations in different ways.

Marketing Planning

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