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Marketing Communication: Elements of Marketing

Elements of Marketing Communications

This is an article written for DWI for its planning for using the elements of marketing. We are going to promote our product from five different platforms. Our motto is to make customer convinced by our product to the highest standards. We will give this message to all possible target audience of 50 countries. Our company will be promoted by all common communication platforms of advertising, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling.



We will massively advertise our company by using different types of advertisements in different part of the world.


Advertisement Objectives:

We have got different advertisement objectives as follows:


Improve dealer relationship:

One of our primary objectives is to improve the dealership relations. We are willing to promote our product though our dealer in different courtiers. Our advertisement campaign will pass through the dealer and their cooperation is mandatory for the success of Darmabit Water proofing industries. 


Expand the use of product:

Our main objective is to increase the sale of our products. For this purpose we have expanded our company to 50 countries. To do this we are going to use a lot of advertisement methods or the ways of marketing communications methods.


Counteracting substitutions:

We will be advertising and reinforcement of existing customers of DWI and reducing the likelihood that they will switch to alternative brands. We are willing to keep our customers for the long run of our company’s business.


Support Personal selling:

Advertising will be used to acquaint prospects with the Seller Company and products for easing the way for the sales force. 


Introduce new products:

Darmabit is also going to introduce some products which are new for few countries. We also are willing to get enter in the new markets. Our motto is to make our target audience knowledgeable about the special features of our products.


Selecting Media:

p Dermabit Waterproofing industry is going to use a lot of types of media to convey its message to its perspective customers and target audience.


Print and broadcast ads:

DWI will use newspapers to advertise its products. The advertisement will be given in the business newspapers and in the front pages of Daily newspapers. Some ads will be given in the business magazines and construction magazine. Ads will be having physical photographs and some text will be telling about the special features about the products.



Broadcast media or television channels will be doing advertisement about the DWI products. All the ads will be made by the advertising agencies in different countries according to their customs and cultures.


Brochure and booklets:

These brochures of Darmabit Waterproofing Industries’ products will be given to the targeted customers and the all the outlet where our products are available. Booklets will be provided to the construction companies and civil engineers.



We will be having the promotion of DWI by the billboard advertisement. These billboards will be having the same format and message which is given in the newspaper media. These billboards will be located in the center of big cities of each country where there is a boom about the construction and development is going on in infrastructure of that mega city.


Poster and leaflets:

Posters of our different products will be provided in the locations where a high level of construction is going on. The posters will also be provided to the constructors and contractors of mega structure buildings.


Leaflets will be placed in the outlets where there is availability of DWI products. These will be nicely shaped and moving leaflets to catch the attention of perspective customers of our products and pother target audience.


Point of purchase display:

A beautiful display will be made to the point of purchase. The display will be having posters and buntings of our different product to attract or convince the customer.


Video Tapes:

Distributing the DVS of company’s product will be a modern technique. We can play these DVDs on projectors on different offices of construction companies and our national offices of fifty countries.



Darmabit waterproofing industries must participate in the trade shows of constructions in all over the world to make a mark in the water proofing industriy. Trade shows are having a great platform for the promotion of our company’s products. Our representatives will meet different construction companies and will make public relations throughout the whole world.

Packing outer:

It will be having a beautiful sticker with the product contents, ingredients, price and all the other useful information about the product.   It also will be having content regarding application of product and certifications of DWI.


Symbols and logos:

DWI products are having some specific logos of DWI and some special symbols of that product. These symbols are of such a different nature that customer will recognize the product whenever he will have a look on it.


Sales promotions:

Sales promotion is a good tool to boost up the sale of a company. DWI will also be using this tactic to promote its product. The company will be using a variety of sales promotion activities.


Objectives of sales promotion:

Our major objectives for the sale promotion are as under:

Our first objective is to stimulate the business users of Darmabit Water proofing Industries demand for our product.


Second of our objective is to improve the marketing performance of middlemen and sales people.


Our third and final objective for the sale promotion is to supplementing the advertising and facilitating the personal selling teams.


Directing the sales promotion efforts:

Our sales promotion programmes will be directed through specialized sales promotion agencies. These agencies are specialized to make the budget according to the company’s current financial conditions and compatible to integrated marketing communication.


Appropriate techniques:

The most appropriate technique would obviously be decided by the sales promotion agency but few of the good options are given as under:


Nature of target audience:

The nature of target audience for DWI product is loyal brand competition, for this type of audience a high value coupon is a good strategy.


Nature of product:

According to the nature of product the strategy of buy 3 get one free is a bit feasible for the promotion of our company.


Current economic conditions:

According to the current economic conditions, the strategy of giving rebate on the products is also a good strategy for company.


Low-interest financing:

We can offer our products in low interest installments to the construction companies who are being involved in the credit transactions only.



As DWI is a multinational company having its network in the different countries. In this way in high economy countries entertainment can be a better source of promotion rather than rebates.



We must participate in construction exhibitions on the international levels. We also arrange some low level or street exhibitions and invite the relevant people to give them information about our products.



Sampling is one of the best sources of promotions to give sample of our water proofing products to the target audience. We can also offer sample of different products with the other products of Darmabit water proofing industries.


Public relations:

Public relation is one of the best platforms for the promotion of any product. DWI will also go for the same. DWI will use the public relation platform of promotion of our products by making news about the products. The media is always looking for the news of any type.


Press kits:

Make news called story and distribute it to the press media. This would be done about the products of DWI in a positive manner.


Personal communication:

 A press conference will draw media representatives if they think subject or speaker has news value. Company will tour and speech to civic or professional groups is other form of individual group communication the company will use.   


One on one personal communication:

Company lobby legislators or other powerful person in attempt to influence his opinion and subsequently his decision



DWI will arrange the seminars and some highly knowledgeable representative of the company will address the people about the company’s products and their benefits.


Annual report:

Company’s annual report is another fine way of communication to the customers and buyers to persuade them to buy our product rather any other water proofing products.


Charitable donations:

Giving charitable donations to the charitable institutions is also a good strategy to enhance the company’s image in customer’s eyes.



Sponsorship of company for any show exhibition can make good public relations and company image for the target audience of DWI, Darmabit waterproofing industries.


Company Magazine:

DWI will make a Company magazine which will be distributed to the customers and other target audience people. This magazine will be having company's information, it's up gradations, company's news, an attractive look and some construction related articles for the interest of the readers.



DWI will also have some publications for the usage of target audience. The publications can involve yearly calendars, personal diaries, key chains and other things which come in the daily usage of business executives.



Darmabit waterproofing industries will create events according to the different cultures of several places. Creating events for the company can have a marvelous image in the eyes of customers.


All the above Public Relation activities will not be done in a single place but these will be created just according to the demands and cultural aspect of different countries where our products are being used.


Personal Selling


Sales presentation:

DWI will make a sales force for every particular area. Our sales team will reach at he construction sites for the promotion and introduction of our product in the market.


Sales meetings:

Our sales team will organize meetings with the multinational and national levels of construction companies for the incremental purposes of sales.


Incentive programs:

DWI will offer incentives programmes for the sale force. The incentives would be basing on the sales made by a particular sales team. The programme will entirely be launched for the promotion of the DWI products rather than to achieve some short term sales objectives.



DWI will offer samples of different products by the sales team to have a physical utilization of products by the customer to satisfy them.


Fair & trade shows:

DWI has got some plans for organizing trade shows about the products in these shows our products will be sold in lower prices than markets.  


Direct marketing:

Direct marketing is also a great promotional tool. We are going to use this for our company but this is not our way of selling. The purpose behind this effort is to make knowledgeable to the industrial users of our product in following way:



DWI will send its catalog to the target audiences of products. These catalogs would be sent via post to the relevant people.



DWI will make some call centers in each country for 24 hour helpline for the usage of its product.


Fax mail:

Customer would be contacted via fax facility to make our message reach to the top executives of our target companies.



Darmabit water proofing industries will send E-mail all around the world for the promotion of the company’s products.


Voice mail:

Finally in direct marketing people will be contacted through voice mail for the support of all the other marketing communication elements.


Context Analysis:


In context analyses we have analyzed the internal customers of the company,                          eternal customers of DWI, business context, the internal marketing context and the external marketing context.


Internal customer:


Internal customer of our company are te people who are directly or indirectly involved in running any aspect of Darmabit’s business or operation.




These are the people who can be involved in the purchase of any company’s product. If they have got any need of water proofing industries product then they will be appreciated to buy. These people will tell the defects of weaknesses of the company's products.


Employees can tell the other people that they found the company’s product the best available in the market. They will share the personal experience of the product in both positive and negative way which is very beneficial for the company.



These are another type of internal customer. Suppliers of our company can be appreciated by giving some relaxation in the price of products. Suppliers can be good source of information about the water proofing industry’s competitors’ information.


If suppliers are provided with some benefits on the purchase of water proofing products by the company, it will be a good source of company’s marketing plan.



Distributors are one of the most important stakeholders of the company. Distributors are the people who will support the company regarding sales promotion activities.


Distributors can provide some of their person links for the increase in the sale of company’s products. Distributor can also be the buyer of DWI products. After using them they would be even more productive as compare to before.


External customers:

External customers are the actual buyers of Darmabit Waterproofing industries. These are the real buyer for which upcoming promotional activities are made on the report. Communities coming under this heading are all the people related to the construction companies. This includes Contractors, civil engineers, household people, construction consultants, industrialists…


Construction Companies:

Construction companies are the major customers of our company. These are the parties which are using our products in bulk. Our products are being used in different projects of these companies at different sites.  We are using most of our marketing communication elements to target them.



Second biggest in the list of external customers are contractors. These are the people who are working on some bigger projects but smaller than construction companies. These people have there own labor force and they apply and get some project of construction from government, construction companies and some rich civilians.  

Construction Consultants:

Construction consultants are also extremely important people. They are the people who provide consultancy services about different construction techniques to their clients. They can suggest our product about the water proofing problems. Cooperation of these people with our company will provide some massive advantages to the company.


Civil engineers:

We must tell about our water proofing products to the civil engineers. They are the technical people who would understand our products strengths better than other people. These engineers will suggest our product to the projects, companies and sites they are working on.



There is a lot of industry, under construction, of Oil & Gas and other construction industry in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. We must give specific attention to these industries with the view of our marketing and other promotional schemes. There would be the vast market and severe competition.



Our products are not made for the industries and grand construction project only. DWI, products will be applied everywhere. Wherever any one is having water proofing needs our product are the best suitable for his needs. DWI also offers products for the homes. 


We are willing to make a strong marketing strategy for the promotion of our existing product in an excellent way. Our marketing vision, direction and ultimate plan is discussed in the next coming points of our well documented report. Marketing elements for Darmabit water proofing industries are discusses in the up coming report for the success of our existing products.

Target Audiences:

The DWI Target audience is Medina, the cities of Saudi Arabia and all the states of UAE. The company’s major goal, is international competition, DWI, Dermabit Waterproofing Industries has set out a network distribution by dealers, agents, distributors in many markets starting from the neighboring Gulf  and Arab countries and getting in depth of all the countries of the Asia Pacific area, while growing west into the European Union and North American countries.

Expected Duration:

Expected duration of our advertising campaign and marketing is almost two years. The advertisement will be made for the different countries in different ways we almost will be using 20 different types of promotion ways in the different parts of the world. It will start form the Gulf and then it will pass through the whole world coating 50 countries in which our product is being used.

The Product Life Cycle:

Our different products are being in the different stages of product life cycle. Products in the different areas are perfuming in different ways. Even in some places our products are in different stages of lifecycle in same area. All the products will be handled as according to their product life cycle position.

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