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Marketing Communication: A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Marketing Communication is all about explaining, predicting and influencing consumer behaviour. The article practically describes  a huge advertising and marketing campaign by a mutinational corporation. This is a marketing communication plan which is comprehansively explaning the practicability  of various marketing techniques and elements. 


The report is all about marketing communication plan of a water proofing products manufacturing company, named Darmabit Water Proofing Industries (DWI) founded in 1982 and is based in Saudi Arabia. Having decades of experience DWI is continuously relying on beliefs of achievement of results by individual efforts its of staff and the contributions of all departments. All these efforts conclude efficient, competitive and personalized service of company. DWI has provided great results in past and is expecting continue to do the same way in an ever altering and challenging world future which require steady innovation and advanced standards.


The water proofing products of DWI are used for the protection and repairs of problems to the construction structures. The problems include the water leakage from defects of pipes and water leakage problems caused by the rain, effluence and rising damp.


Second part of report describes the aim of company to improve competitiveness, quality and reputation in the international markets. Also objectives of company are included like getting customers by massive marketing and keeping them in long run.


Thirdly the report describes the target audiences which are constructors, civil engineers, contractors, industrialists and households involved in construction. Target audience includes the areas of Gulf, Asia Pacific, few European and North American countries.    


Next part of report is mission, goals and Objectives (corporate, marketing, social and marketing communication. Mission is to produce high quality and environmental friendly products. Goals of firm includes maintain and increase sales, profits, quality, technology etc.


There are fifty plus types of products of company these are used on different surfaces, having different application and made for different temperatures. These are benefiting for the Building protection, Pipe Linings, Building industry, Roofing, Sewage, Agriculture and Environmental efforts.


The next part explains the marketing communication integration. It includes that how we will go for the elements of marketing communication including Advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations and direct marketing.


Advertisement includes Print and broadcast ads, Brochure and booklets, Billboards, Posters and leaflets. The sales promotion includes; low-interest financing, entertainment, Exhibits & sampling. Whereas, Public Relations are having Press kits, Personal communication, one on one personal communication, Seminars, Annual report, charitable donations, Sponsorship, Company Magazine and Publications. Personal Selling involves Sales presentation, Sales meetings & Incentive programs. Direct marketing comes with Samples, Fair & trade shows, Direct, Catalogs, Telemarketing, Fax mail, E-mail & Voice mail strategies. All the elements of marketing would be used in different places of the world combining separately according to their economic, culture and traditions.


Next part of the report includes analysis of different types. Firstly the context analyses are explained describing the customer context includes the internal and external sources of business. Business context involves the internal and external marketing context of DWI.


Moreover the report includes the SWOT Analyses and PEST analysis of DWI performance. In the end there are five force analyses.   


Aim and Objectives

Aim of DWI:

Mission Statement:

To be a high profile export company and maintain a standard of quality and far above the ground reputation to improve its competitiveness through technological advancements.

Objectives of DWI:

Vision Statement:

Our first objective is to make people familiar with the features and usage of our different products. We want to let our target audience of contractors, construction companies and other people involved in construction field and to become knowledgeable for our innovative products.


Darmabit wants to make our products distinctive from its competitive companies. For this we are producing many of the innovative products. Our objective is to make our brands preferable upon our competition.


One of our major objectives is to convict the customers by massively advertising the Darmabit’s products. We are using many of marketing elements to achieve our objectives.


Our efforts are also aimed at obtaining repeat purchases or building loyalty among the customers who have purchased any product about our company. We also provide some additional benefits to our customers. 

The below given links will help you to understand the other factors of marketing communication. 

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The below given links will help you to prepare your understand the other factors of marketing communication. 


We conclude from our report that DWI must implement the above mentioned marketing plan for the success in the future. It already is doing a great business but it must choose marketing elements for the implementation in different parts of the world according to their economic conditions, product life cycle, industry position, culture, customs and traditions.

DWI should also keep a close eye on the weaknesses of company mentioned in SWOT Analyses. It also should implement its pan by considering the PEST analysis. It will have to consider the Potter’s five force analysis for the better and right implementation of DWI marketing plan.

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