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Marketing Communications: Marketing Integration

Marketing Communications Integration

Degree of Customization:

The company is providing a huge level of depth in its products. It is producing 50 plus products of environmental protection to construction. All products are specialized for different purposes. The Products list by names is given as under:


            Dermabit 3170/4170/5170 Series

1          Dermabit 2050/3050/4050 Series

2          Dermabit 4170/5170 Sl Series

3          Dermabit 3200/4200/5200 Series

4          Dermabit 4200/5200 Sl Series

5          Dermabit 4250/5250 Series

6          Dermabit ‘ Fiberpol'

7          Asphaltoplast Series

8          Asphaltoplast 200

9          Asphaltoplast ‘Sp'

10        Asphaltoplast Sl

11        Ecogum Series

12        Ecogum 200

13        Ecogum ‘Sp'

14        Ecovent

15        Plastomex Series

16        Protectobit

17        Elasphalt 2050/3050/4050 Series

18        Elasphalt 3180/4180/5180 Series

19        Elasphalt 3170/4170/5170 Series

20        Elasphalt 4260/5260 Series

21        Dermabit/Elasphalt Garden

22        Elasphalt 3170/4170 Alu

23        Elasphalt/Dermabit 3180/4180

24        Elasphalt/Dermabit 2050/3050 Alu

25        Adesobit 100 Series

26        Adesobit 1550

27        Adesobit 2050

28        Adesobit 1600 X

29        Adesobit 1550 X

30        Adesobit 1600 Xal

31        Adesobit 1550 Xal

32        Adesobit 2100 Xal

33        Adesobit 2050 Al

34        Adesobit 2100 Sl

35        Adesobit 3100 Sl

36        Stickybit

37        Protectowrap

38        Protectowrap S

39        Protectowrap Xal

40        Armoproof

41        Sonoproof

42        Derma Cote

43        Derma Cryl

44        Dermadamp

45        Derma Flash

46        Derma Guard

47        Derma Last

48        Derma Latex

49        Derma Plast

50        Derma Primer

51        Derma Putty

52        Emusio Derma

53        Dermax

54        Derma Tex

55        Roofing Accessories


The Products are made for water proofing of different Types like products of different Surfaces, Temperature, Application, types of Sealers and types of Fiber Sheets.


Presale and Post Sales services:

 DWI, DERMABIT WATERPROOFING INDUSTRIES has a lot of presale and post-sale services to ensure the success quality by keeping in touch with customers, listening complaints & suggestions.


Pre sale services:

It is in our plan and are we also implementing a lot of things for presales services of our product. Our presale services are described as under:


We are having a specialized distribution network to make our products easily accessable for the customers.


We are using a massive distribution strategy to ensure the availability of our product in a most convenient way.


We are keeping all the possible information of our product on our website to make a right choice of our products by the customers.


We also make the information available about the application of the products and whole the procedure which is mentioned on the official website of our company and on the each product packipng to avoid the misuse and wrong application of all the products of DWI.


Post sales services:

We provide warranty of our products for the long period of time to our customers. The entire products are provided to the customer with the warranty cards.


We bear the damages of all the product warranty if anything goes wrong after the application of our products.


We provide assistance to our customer regarding the application of our products. The assistance is provided via telephone network, fax by the customer, e-mails of complaints and our specialized engineers also make assurance about the right applications of products or any sort of queries and concerns made by customers.


We also keep in touch of our regular customers like contractors and constructors to ensure the right use of our products and ask about any defector problem by any company’s products.


Drmabit’s waterproofing products’ Uses and industrial benefits

  1. Environmental benefits:

Darmabit products help in landfillings, it controls erosion. It provides protection against methane gas.


  1. Agriculture

Our product repair the rural dams & these give protection to irrigation channels


  1. Sewage

Our products help in pipe relining, repairing and jointing the water pipes.


  1. Roofing

We also provide products to build solid, flexible and water proofing products in the houses, industries and Technical places.


  1. Building industry

Our products are benificial for commercial and residential construction projects. These products are applied between kitchen and other slabs, in basement walls & floors, tank system, foundations of buildings and roofings of construction projects.

  1. Pipe Lining

Our water proofing products are useful for internal pipelines of building external piping networks. These are also applicable for the new and running Pipeline works.


  1. Protective

DWI product is also useful for shipping containers and other extraordinary circumstances.

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