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PREMIER OIL - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is one of the most important aspects of company. Premier Corporation knows the importance Corporate Governance and has set out a network to make policies about Corporate Governance.

Our Values

Premier Oil Corporation has made a set of values for the proper implementation of Corporate Governance. The Value set is composed of five values naming tenacity, dynamics, creativity, respect and Professionalism. Tenacity and dynamics are called spirit of the corporate governance whereas, professionalism and respect are called foundation whereas, creativity is alled the heart of Corporate Governance.    


Premier Oil Corporation is a creative business; we add the values of creativity to introduce more and new ideas in the business, which make us competitive and different. 


Premier Corporation employees have the courage and will power to get succeed where other people may lose their nerves.


Premier is a fast forward company. Its employees are always looking for the new opportunity and converting it into advance for the company.


Premier Oil Corporation believes on professionalism by having commercial acumen, technical expertise, business and integrity. We are willing to work in a highly professional way in every department.


Respect is one of the basic things for the success of any company. We do have had some rules and policies about the respect and profession ethics.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility is the primary objectives for the Premier Oil's business. It has both practical and ethical dimensions and implications for Premier Oil Corporation. CSR is all about doing the right thing for business and protecting the risk of company’s reputation. Our CSR Organizational factors are Health Safety, Environmental Security, (HSES) HSES Management System, ESIAs Climate Chalnge and Sustainable Business Reporting.

Institutional Factors


  • Premier Oil has the CSR strategy to be the world leader in this way and implementing the CSR plans.
  • Premier Oil Corporation is continuously planning and creating programs to deliver the best social and environmental impacts wherever it is working.
  • Premier Oil is continuously working with partners, where it is possible, to enhance its positive impacts with the collaboration of some specialist organizations.
  • We are working with Save the Children USA Program in USA.
  • We also are working with United Nations Environmental Program and Proteus Project. 
  • We also are working with Monish University's Centre for Human Rights from last three years.
  • Premier Oil publishes its report about CSR after two years.
  • Premier Oil has become signatories to the United Nation's Global Compact
  • Premier Oil Global Community
  • We currently are working in the countries of Indonesia, Jakarta, Matak Island, India & Guinea Bissau on different projects

Guinea Bissau

  • The Simon Mendes Hospital

The Simon Mendes Hospital is the only Hospital in the country and lies in the center of the country. Premier Oil has a major contribution in the development and maintenance of the hospital.

  • Cholera epidemic

In Cholera epidemic Premier Oil have given funds and donations for the health and safety purposes.

  • Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)

Premier Oil also worked with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) as partner as traditional work in the education sector as well as bringing water and sanitation to rural schools.


  • Tsunami relief

Indonesia is the country which was severely affected by the Tsunami disasters. Premier Oil worked a lot for the Tsunami Relief.


  • The company also worked a lot in Jakarta by collaborating with some local NGOs working for street children, working for children education and strengthening the civil society.


  • In Matak Island Premier Oil also worked for health and safety of different communities.

Payalaman Medical Centre, Matak Island

It was a new clinic build for the villagers for which there was no health center before two hours travel by bus.


Premier's oil also contributed in some construction projects for the welfare of Indian society by construction of an eco-tourism center for villagers.

Principles of (CSR)

Premier Oil Corporation (POC) knows that it is having a diverse group of stakeholders including shareholders, customers and business associates, employees, business partners, local communities and also those special interest groups that represent public interests like NGOs. Investment decisions also include economic, environmental and social impacts and their management. Our business strategy is designed to promote the CSR.

  • Business Integrity Policy

The company’s fundamental way of conducting business is honesty and fairness. POC employees remain away from bribery, accepting hospitality and all business transactions properly recorded.

  • Health Safety Environment & Security

The purpose behind the Health, Safety, Environment and Security Management System at Premier is to support and monitor the business units and functions in the Social Responsibility matters.

Our goal is to protect the employees, workers and their families regarding our health, safety and security policies. We give an equal importance for the human and wild life affected by our company’s business. We are successful by protecting areas inherited which protects our assets, streams of our revenues and our reputation.

  • Health & Safety & Environment Policies

POC recognize the importance of health, safety and its environmental policies. POC have got a sound framework about these things. These policies are followed by the organization wherever it has got its business operations.

  • Principles & Policies

We know by our doings is the Premier Oil Corporation's CSR Slogan. Our Company business principles have got an ethical framework the company’s and individuals’ activities and a defined behavior that is acceptable in the pursuit of our objectives.

  • HSES Management System

The company has developed an integrated called HSES which stands for Health, Safety, Environmental and Security Management System. These attributes are applied in all the departments and operations of Premier Oil Corporation.

  • Sustainable Development Policy

POC Sustainable Development Policy is to make a development by supporting programmers of social investment, in partnership with professional and social development organizations, government agencies and local non-governmental organizations. All of these contribute to the sustainable development goals for communities and countries where we operate.

  • Human Rights Policy

POC policy is based on the fundamental rights. Premier Oil takes care of core labor conventions of the International Labor Organization, local community partners and rights of our employees. It has got good relations with all of them and fulfills its rights.

  • Employment Policy & Social Justice in the Workplace

The company’s goal is to provide our staff with safe working conditions, competitive conditions and terms of employment, respect for individuals, ethnic’s origin, creed, age and gender.

  • Compliance & Proactive Engagement Strategy

The company is doing its operations, in the whole world by complying and reactivating the emergent stratify. It is always complying with local laws and regulatory authorities, host governments and its own Business Principles. The company also expects its contractors, suppliers, joint venture and alliance partners to respect its Business Principles.

  • Communication & Reporting Strategy

The Premier Oil Corporation is well committed have dialogues with its both internal and external stakeholders.  Its audit on financial, environmental and social performance is done on the regular basis.

  • Stakeholder dialogue and social reporting

POC is always ready get involved in dialogue with different stakeholders to develop a better understanding of their concerns regarding the impacts of our operations. Dialogues were stake holders tell us that how sound we make our plans to avoid any disturbance to them.

Industrial Factors:

  • Environmental Performance Metrics

There are upstream and Downstream use a diversity of environmental performance metrics standing on their operations. Oil spills are a principal measure of environmental performance.

  • Wastes and Residual Materials

Premier Oil is compiling with all waste system during its worldwide operations and has programs to decrease the volumes of dangerous and harmless materials it is generating. Refineries and other downstream services expand tailored waste reduction programs that target their needs. Recycling, reuse and reclamation activities are local plan in Premier Oil business operations.

  • Spills and Discharges

Stats by Premier Oil living our value report 2006 are “In 2006, spills and discharge rate was 6% it was 28 percent higher than in 2005. Globally, Upstream recorded a total of 50% oil spills greater than one barrel.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

POC identify and shares alarms about climate change and its impending impact on the environment. By using carbon-based fuels GHGs is resulting, which many believe contribute to climate change.

  • Resource Use

Premier Oil tries hard to use a lesser amount of energy, and use it professionally, in produce and refining its petroleum products to preserve resources, reduce emissions and lower costs.

  • Other Environmental Indicators

Premier Oil meets the terms of all laws to protect wildlife. This regularly needs POC to change or delay operations. Premier Oil has moved well locations for the reason that specific habitats for scared species such as the black-footed ferret. Premier Oil has also rerouted roads and pipelines, and seasonally delayed operations to put up threatened or scared animals.  

  • Renewable Energy Resources

These actions are part of company’s bio fuels investment program planned to boost its ability to produce, merge and distribute this growing parts of the U.S. transportation fuel mix.

  • Gas Reinjection Project Achieves Goals

POC take part in the Global Gas Flaring Reduction (GGFR) plan designed at increasingly dropping gas flaring and venting by sharing global best practices and applying country’s specific programs.

  • Environmental stewardship

POC is well committed for protection of environment.  The company has got following way of improving and protecting the enjoinment.

  • Emissions

Premier Oil is devoted for dropping all kinds of air emissions from its operations. The Company is evaluating business operations from time to time to identify process development and technology solutions to reduce air emissions.


Unique Characteristics
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