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Marketing Environment- Marketing 5 Cs

As a first step in marketing process, and continuously throughout the process, marketers systematically scan internal and external environments to uncover threats and opportunities important in building and revising marketing strategies. Anime is a term generally used within pop culture to describe Japanese animation and Manga graphic comics. This definition extends to the secondary product lines, such as dolls and trading cards. The anime industry and secondary lines represents nearly 20 billion dollars sales. The DVD sales have reached 5.2 billion dollars globally (Rowley 2005). According to Pixar animation studio vice president John Lasseter, Anime has hugely influenced and Japanese and have the largest animation producers for years but 99% of the stuff are still in Japan. The anime industry is based on the hedonic purchase habits of consumers as entertainment and collectibles.

Marketing Envoirnment:

Following are the marketing environments which affects a company’s business in different ways. Every company must scan all the marketing environmental factors to plan future business according to the future business environment and trends.

The Technological Environment: (2006) is an online retailer of anime related products: DVDs and Music; Manga and Books; Toys and Figures; Art Work; Cards and Games; and other merchandise such as accessories, jewellery, and even kitchenware. The company sells over 10,000 diverse products in the anime genre. also caters to the multimedia consumer, offering specialized downloads such as wallpapers and avatars (used in Internet forums, emails and online gaming). This diversity in product, design and orientation allows to offer consumers a wide variety of the most popular anime titles through E-commerce and telephone purchases.

The Socio-Cultural Environment:

To successfully improve the market analysis, should investigate the management strategy, explore cultural diversity concerns, and examine total quality management (TQM) in relationship to CRM. Information systems is also considered knowledge management (KM), this "is all about capturing knowledge, both individual and corporate, storing it, and then making it readily available to those who need to access it. Many organizations now talk about their intellectual capital and about their need to make the most of it.

The Political Environment:

Increased competition, media and political attention and more demanding customers have enhances the pressure in the anime industry to manage the business more efficiently and ethically. Technology has opened new opportunities for delivering efficient customer service. Consumers are increasingly careful about their time and their money, especially regarding their personal finance issues. They are spending more time working than ever before, and are placing a higher premium on their leisure time.

This implies that much more effort will have to go into marketing towards customer service, with different levels of service available to different customer focus groups.   Nor will the sales effort be merely volume driven, but instead we should try to optimize customer service by making it more focused, more efficient, less bureaucratic and with customer satisfaction becoming prime measures of success (Craig and Ramaseshan 1994). This means in particular better motivated and trained staff, management spending more time and effort to ensure that is seen to produce and also greater effort to focus on satisfying customer (Craig and Ramaseshan 1994).

The macro-environmental factors discussed so far are not an exhaustive list, but these demonstrate the main areas of environmental change. David Jobber (2001) states that the strength of 4Ps approach is that it represents a memorable and practical framework for marketing decision-making and has proved useful for case study analysis in business schools for many years.

The Five C’s

Company key strengths are the fan base and ability to negotiate CRM by utilizing market focused online communities. One significant advantage of is the global focus, where most competitors market only towards the North American college aged demographic; uses international marketing strategies, language and ‘pop’ culture to market towards a wider, global market. The company weaknesses can be attributed to those of the general anime market, specifically time-sensitive releases and purchases in the anime industry, such as lack of product supply placing an upward pressure on demand and price.


Customers are young male adults aged 15-34 and young adult female market has grown over the past few years to include the 15-24 female age group. The ‘typical’ anime consumer tends to come from the IT industry, with a high paying job and considerable amount of discretionary income. Typical behaviour from an customer is the purchase of ‘like’ collectibles. Brand names fans tend to stick with that brand read the Manga and buy the anime DVD’s as well as purchase accessories and other accessories of a specific character. 

Collaborators is in collaboration with nearly one-hundred networked web sites, also known as ‘fan sites’ as well as running an affiliate program where web sites can advertise with for return advertising. has a direct relationship with industry manufacturers and distributors depend on the anime brand being sold. A direct relationship with manufacturers such as Geneon ( 2006) reduces cost and price by removing the distributor.  Shipping collaboration includes UPS (, FEDEX ( and DHL ( for worldwide shipping within the value chain.


Competitors extend from traditional brick and mortar to e-retailers that utilize the same B2C method. However, because offers web-based activities for a multitude of nations as well as offers B2B and wholesale merchandise, they have been able to corner international and B2B markets. Brick and mortar stores are not huge competitors. Most customers that buy from an exclusive anime retailer tend to be large parts of the online community, such as web designers and online gamers.


International retailing requires an amount of legal and economical understanding of various nations. Furthermore, there is a legal pressure to ensure that Manga graphic/erotic novels are not sold to under-age children. There is also strong technological pressure to maintain the variety of services previously explained. Because of the unique traits of customers, maintaining a high level of technological know-how, security and validity is important to establish consumer trust.

Trigun: A competitor

Trigun is one of the hottest anime properties on the market today. The customer benefits from this hedonic purchase by filling a need for excellent quality and collector value. This product line is not homogenous to any one e-retailer; it is widely available from E-bay, Amazon, and other specialized anime E-retailers. The question of consumer value then comes first from the consumer’s hedonic purchase habits, that is, the desire to seek out specialized product lines that have little utilitarian value but fill that special place in the heart of anime consumers.

The Trigun product line stems from the cartoon and comic books from DarkHorse comics. These breeches two kinds of customers—the young adult cartoons viewer and the comic book reader. This product also appeals to collectors of movie and cartoon Memorabelia. The benefit of the feature to the customer is the design and quality of the product. This company does not sell ‘knock offs,’ we purchase from the manufacturers commissioned by the designer (in this case, DarkHorse) to make the product. This direct line is also a benefit to the customer as it allows us to give special discounts and quality assurance not found in secondary or warehouse wholesale E-retailers.

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