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Fashion Brand Development & Marketing


The essay is all about the development of brand and marketingstrategies revolves around a fashion brand.Branding is something which gives recognition to a company’s product. Like brands of a Korea had a lot of fame after the conduction of polemics in Korea. In the similar way products form china used to be recognized as cheap and lowered quality products then the Beijing Olympics gave recognition to the Chinese brands assense of high quality and increased a great value.  Branding is related to the psychological aspect of people by creating a brand image (symbolic construction) in the people’s minds which is composed of all the information and expectations relatedto a product or service.

The right way for branding is to align the people with expectations and experience behind the brand by creating such impression that a brand (a product or service)has some certain qualities or characteristics making it a special or a unique thing for its consumers. Whole the marketing and communication campaigns are based on the brand. Art of managing these factors of brand are called brand management.

Brand recognition is something which comes after a lot of struggle when the brand remains in market and people start to give a value to the brand. After that brand recognition improves and enjoys a critical mass of positive responseby the consumers, the position is called achieving brand franchise. There are plenty of goals behind brand recognition the one amongst them is identification of a brand’s name even sometimes without recognition of company’s name. Branding also increases the quality of product in a consumer’s mind comparing to an unbranded product.

In this report we have branded a product with the brand name Nyclon. The report contains all the whole process of branding a fashion jeans product available for both men & women producedby a company manufacturing sexy, high quality jeans cloths targeting to a group of people with a high disposable income and with rock&republic thinking but are still fashionable and trendy.




Marketing segmentation is one of the most important tools for the success of a consumer brand.Before making any brand it is necessary to define segmentation of the product to be sold.We have segmented our fashion brand Named Nyclon in four ways; geographic, demographics segmentation, psychographics segmentation, and behavioral Segmentation.

Geographic Segmentation:

In the geographical ways firstly the company is going to launch its product in UK. It would be launched only in the cities of UK like Manchester, London and others cities of British. Another area to target is the semirural areas of England.

Demographic Segmentation:

Before making any branding or communication strategy it is necessary to define the demographics of the potential users of the brands. The Nyclon brands are to be used by the young people both males and females between the ages of 18-28, are bachelors or married people with no children. They are having a highly disposable income. They are also highly literate that they read the fashion magazines like vogue and harpers. People reading these magazines are almost above the 12th standard qualified. There is no compulsion for the race or ethnicity for the people under Nyclon segmentation. 

Psychographics Segmentation:

This part of segmentation includes the aptitude of the people towards there life and the way people perceive the things word around them. So,people who will buy the Nyclon would be the thinking rock and republic. They would be always ready to adopt the new fashions. Lover of fast food, having rich social contacts and wants to become physically fit, wants to look good and little casual. They are giving more value to the independence and self prestige.


Behavioral Segmentation: 

People are already having a good knowledge of fashion and wearing & selecting jeans. They have positive aptitudestowards wearing jeans. They wear jeans atleast a day in every week in average. They would be able to buy the Nyclon jeans brands either with cash or most of them are having credit cards for the shopping.




After analyzing the right segmentation for the brand, it is necessary to examine the current market position of the business and competition. For this purpose the best analysis to make is Five Force Potters Analysis. Keeping focus on the above segmentation, five force potters analysis are as under:

Relationship with suppliers

The suppliers of the Nyclon are independent artist, cotton suppliers, designers and employees.All these people are extremely important for continue of business. Nyclon needs to have extremely good relationship and need to take a high quality work.

Bargaining power of buyers

Although, prices of our jeans fashion brands are fixed but still customers can bargain on the basis of global brands available to them. Other brands are well established and have got their brand recognition in the eyes of customers.

Threats of new entrants

There is also a huge threat for the new entrants. If find the jeans bran in the famous online shopping center we find a 1500 of the jeans brand. There is no doubt that you need to put a heavy investment to make a good brand recognition but the emerging markets towards globalization are crating opportunities for the domestic manufacturers to introduce global brands. So, there is a huge threat for the new entrants.

Threats of substitute’s products or services:

The industry is characterized with many niche players. Increasing number of brand imitating. it appears similar to the original brand, consumers will then transfer attributes of the original brand to the brand imitator, thereby affecting evaluations and purchase decisions


Rivalry amongst established firms:

There is already a huge level of competition in the established firms round the world. Every company amongst the top ten global players of jeans brads claim to be the number 1 in the industry.The list of world’s top ten Jeans brand is: Levis, True Religion, Lee Jeans, Wrangler Jeans, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Riders Jeans, Rustler Jeans, Lee Dungarees and Legendary Gold Jeans. Jordache,  Apple Bottoms, Arizona Jeans, Oscar de la Renta, Sanoma Jeans are also one of the world’s most famous and established brands for which Our brand Nyclon will have to face a serious competition.

Nyclon is working in the fragmented industry in which there are a lot of opportunities for differentiation and innovation but each differentiationhas a small competitive advantage over the other brands in the competition. To handle thisfragmented industry Nyclon have devised a differentiation plan in the positioning segment of report. >>>

Positioning Strategies:

The positioning statement is all about that how our Jeans brand Nyclon would be positioned different in the market.  The first and for most important thing is marketing slogan of Nyclon would be “Young & Sexy” which will be more appealing to our target audience. It would be displayed with the other brands in the stores but Nyclon jeans would be positioned differently than other brands in the stores.

Our prices would be 5% higher than the other brands of competitors which will indicate and appeal the higher quality of brands but in the rack our brands there a tag displaying “10% discount” this strategy will give more value to the customer. He will perceive higher quality of brand with the higher prices and 10% discount will increase the customer benefit or economicprofit.   

Our brand would also be positioned according to the “Rise and Trout Positioning strategy” in which it will promote its product with the feature of “40% more comfort is tested and proved”. It will claim to be the best or market leader in comfort according to the benefit positioning strategy.

Positioning Statement:

“To look young and sexy passionate people who have the time for their work and wants to be more comfortable Nyclon jeans brand are must wear for them. It is higher in quality; comfort and having exceptional stylesby introducing new ways of fashion will make you look more attractive and sexy.”

Customer interaction with theNyclon would be made enjoyable pleasant and impressive one, through celebrity support and co-branding.For further differentiation of our brand much is been given in the Branding and communication strategies in which brand will be distinguished and promoted ina different way.



Nyclon is something to offer to a market to satisfy a wants or needs of dressing up well. Levis brand is composed of a lot many factors and features like names, logos, URLs, symbols, characters, slogans, packages and signage and managing all these factors is Nyclon Branding Management is explained as below:

Brand Name:

Brand name of our jeans products is Nyclon which sounds attractive name which doesn’t have any meaning and no product in the word is registered in this name. It would be displayed on the fixed and rubber tag fixed on the back of the trousers. It would be using Viner Hand ITC font made of metal having dull silver metallic paint on it as below in the logo of Nyclon:


The brand name would be registered to eliminate the chance of copy or duplication onNyclon brand name.

Branding Strategies:

There would be three lines of products according to line extension strategy. It would be having jeans trousers & waist coat for men and women & skirts for women only as described below n the brand characteristics. All the products in each line of trousers, waist coat and skirts would be named under a single family brand named Nyclon. The brand name is Fanciful which has no obvious meanings. It is simple, easy to pronounce, easy to spell and different, distinctive & unusual.


Brand Characteristics:

Our product is composed of following features and collection of items under it:

We can guess the success of Nyclon by creating opportunities to be part of Ainnovative Company, and create special products for people looking to look attractive, young and sexy. For all this Nyclon will have to haired an extraordinary creative director for the product range it is offering.

Nyclon ladies jeans trouser will consist of three types of low-rise styles representing the styles of the women who wear them. Brooklyn style is a new denim clip: 12-inch pencil legopening; Nolita Style which is a cigaretteclassic leg with a 14-inch leg; and last is Manhattan style which is slim and fit 22-inch with bell bottom leg opening. All these styles would be available in wash that will vary from dark and clean to vintage-inspired and distressed wash. The retailpoint price for this limited collection will be £40 only a bit above Levi’s having $44. Some more variety would be in the New York them as Empire, Skyline, Liberty and Bowery washes for £45.


In the Men’s collection it would be having Destructed Washes, Dark Denim, JeansBy Fit; Normal/genuine, Slim, Regular, Loose, Big & Tall and by leg; Boot, Straight, Tapered, Skinny and all Filter All Jeans. Prices and washes would be the same as for ladies.


There would be no packing for the any product. Every product would be displayed either on the racks or on the long hanging line of departmental, super stores, display centers and Nyclon stores separately form the other brands but the different tags containing information about usage, product description, price other informative or attraction tags would be attached with Nyclon fashion garments.

Manufacturing Plan:

All the products would be manufactured in the plant to be installed in the China by hiring the specialized staff of designing because the best technology and skill people are the Chinese with respect to body measurements and designing of jeans products.To make our products high quality and comfort, the Cotton would be purchase form Pakistan neighboring China producing the world’s best quality. This plan will cost us extremely low.

Kapferer Theory:

The theory draws a customer and brand (Nyclon) relationship in six ingredients as follows:

  • Physique:

Nyclon is a brand for the person of any physique but not for a person who is unusually fat.

  • Personality

Nyclon is mentioned above is for a personality who wants to look attractive. Mostly for the casual personalities but formal people can also wear when in leisure form formal dresses.

  • Culture

Mostly for the western culture or people like willing to adopt western culture wants to look attractive and sexy.

  • Relationship

The customer brand relationship would be great that people will wear the brand of high standard in low prices.

  • Reflection

Person wearing the Nyclon will reflect a good image because of the excellent designs of Brand.

  • Self-image

Self image of all the products under Nyclon have an attractive image and have a great variety to attract any sort of customer.


Interbrand model is consists of following tings: products, service , name, packaging, advertising, direct mail, corporate identity and design, users, public relations, websites, company reputation, staff, promotions, sponsorship, environment, pricing. Many of the Interbrand elements have been discussed in the segmentation and branding section& rest of them are to be discussed in PromotionSection.

Corporate Identity:

Corporate is having the same name as the brand Nyclon as Nyclon Ltd. It will make its image by brand promotions, business magazines, describing in the Business journal & newspapers with respect to the investment opportunities and other business corporate deals.


There are five types of communication option available to an organization to promote its product naming Advertisement, Sales promotion, Public Relations Direct marketing and Personal Selling.

Webb W Retail Brand Marketing in the Fashion Industry, by Hines T and Bruce M Butterworth Heinemann PP: 107-157



Exclusions of Communication tools:

Personal selling and direct marketing are never the good options for a garment products competing international market.  Because in these two tools the company reaches to the customer itself but the customer wants the choice and special shopping mode.Where in personal selling and direct marketing you impose the customer to buy the products and you don’t provide the right environment to the potential customer.

Inclusions of Communication tools:

Sales promotion is one the best tools to promote your product and the marketing purposes. It not only boost up the sales of you company but it also increases the brand image of and value of the product in the customer eyes. Where as the Public Relation is the best tool to create a positive brand image but Advertisement is always the best option which both promotes sales and gives recognition & admirable brand image. So advertisement, sales promotion and public relations are going to be the communication tools for the Nyclon promotional activities.


Sales Promotion:

The objective of the sales promotion in the Nyclon promotion is to start the sales and make an excellent beginning of the Nyclon launching. For this, there would be the discounts on the products as mentioned above, coupons for lucky draw mega prices and free samples of the customer own choice with the shopping more than tree products of Nyclon.

Another factor of sales promotion, trade promotion would also be used to giving higher margins to retailers to carry the brands, give more attraction to the Nyclon product displays conduct the sales promotions activities.

Public Relations:

The objective of making Publication relations is to give recognition and making better relations with customer, suppliers and retailers. In fashion industry Nyclon will add store windows and runwaysfor fashion shows both, sponsor the famousdesigners, sponsor the fashion shows ramps, sponsoring the college functions and youth festivals. All of these activities will enhance the brand image and reputation of Nyclon.



Advertisement is something which gives a huge boost and push to the product sales and reputation. It also is the dearest source or tool of communication strategy. This is because Nyclon has now decided to use the advertising camping in the most moderate budget and the most affective way. Objective of advertisement is to liking, preference and purchase of product to persuade customer by introducing them a highly fashionable & new sexy brand named Nyclon.

Advertising Message:

The advertisement message is to give people the recognition that they will feel young energetic and sexy by wearing the Nyclon jeans products. As the Slogan of brand is “Young &Sexy”.

Media Selection:

Following Media would be used for the Advertisement Campaign of Nyclon: 

Television Ads:

The ad would be made by the specialized advertising agencies by using the high quality work of camera, screen play and sound. The ad would be using the female celebrity in the following manner.


A female celebrity is going for her concert in hurry. A car driving very fast passes near by the female celebrity (FC) which throws mud on her cloths. She mistakenly enters in a gent’s toilet for change of cloths and finds a young boy alone picking up stick and wearing dark goggles giving the impression to her that he is blind. She changes her cloth (wearing shorts/under garments enough to be survived to getting bane the ad) in front of boy and while considering him blind she gives some sexy poses after wearing the Nyclon jeans cloth. FC gets out for and the boy gives his stick and goggles to an old blind man coming from one amongst the toilet doors.

The whole concept would be shown in the TV channel in a very fast manner that it takes a little amount of time and resultantly less cost. Firstly the blind campaign would be started by showing FC in hurry for concert. Association of celebrity will also build a strong brand image to Nyclon.




Ads would also be given in the fashion magazine front pages and also using inside pages by showing celebrities and top model wearing the Nyclon brands.

Brochure& pamphlets:

These would be distributed by the cloth retails carrying a variety of Nyclon products in pictures in promising way.


In every advertising media and other promotional activates of Nyclon would be carrying website in an eye-catching image that people visit it. The website would be containing full variety of collection of Nyclon in an excellent manner. Adds of this web would be given on other webs like yahoo and other fashion websites linking it.


There is always a risk of getting failed a new brad product introduced in the market but if the brand is rightly segmented & targeted composed rightly according to an ideal branding and communication strategies. The success of the brand is guaranteed. If all the above strategies and tactics should be tackled in a manner that excellent research, low cost, and high consumer attraction is catching and the quality of the products should be exceptional and adopting and introducing the new fashion, the Nyclon Possibility of success would also be confirmed.

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