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Human Resource Management Assignment



According to Alan Price  2011 management of human resource is very important function for any organization. The success of any organization is based on the people working in the organization. Human resource strategy should be integrated with the overall strategy of the company. Management of human resource is an important function for any organization and must be prudently managed. The report is about determination of human resource requirement and its management, the report is presented in parts and each part is explained under respective heading.


1)        Human resource requirement


JKL currently doesn’t have a viable strategy for management of its human resource function. There is no centralized human resource system in the organization while the human resource function is performed by the Human Resource Officer of the division outsourced by JKL. Human resource requirement should be determine while keeping in view of the company’s business requirement, its future plan where the company must perform GAP Analyses i.e. the comparison of human resource available and the human resource required. It can then fill the gap identified by the GAP Analyses. JKs is closing its rental division in future and expanding its business in sales of truck hence it will need more staff for its sales division and JKL need to do some downsizing in rental vision. It can fill the human resource of its rental division from the rental division staff.  And it has the option to hire the expert people from outside JKL must develop a human resource development strategy and start developing its staff from rental division to fill up the position of its sales division.


2)        Human resource requirement can be determine by different consultation method e.g.

I)         Consolation with the functional manager about the workforce requirements

ii)         Legal and other requirement for applications of different laws relevant to human resource e.g. laws applicable to JKS include laws discrimination laws, equal opportunities laws, health and safety laws etc.

iii)        Considering the requirement of staff for the post that whether the task can be redefined so that it can be performed in lesser time without the need of filling the vacancy.

iv)        Consultation with human resource consultant available about number of staff members needed to perform a particular task.

v)         Further in case of downsizing a viable strategy must be used like staff near to the retirement age should be given early retirement where the staff should be involved & motivated to perform the task as well.  Apart from this policy of LIFO (last in first out) can also be utilized in the case of downsizing.  

3)        How to engaged stakeholder

There are different methods used by the management to involve with different stakeholders like every functional manager can be asked to determine his human resource requirement and the skills required to perform his particular task.

The customers can be asked to give opinions on the slandered of services received by them e.g. different companies like Pizza Hut ask their customers to fill the questionnaire and rate the services received by the customers. Apart from these methods there are different suggestion methods like suggestion box can be used by the organization to engage its employees.

4)        Human resource strategy

JKL should align its human resource strategy with the overall strategy of the company and human resource function should be centralized and each requirement of human resource must be determined by the centralized human resource department. JKL human resource strategy must include the followings:

1)      An human resource officer will handle all the matter relating to labor union


2)      The JKLs success is based on doing business with integrity therefore compliance with laws and regulation is very important. Contractual laws of each division must be consider while appointing mechanical apprentices in  different states where  legal requirements are different.


3)      The human resource department must determine the human resource required with the skills and knowledge required for each job in the company


4)      Proper training should be given to employees for improving their skills and helping them to develop to move in top positions in the organization.


5)      Remuneration packages must be consistent with the industry standards


6)      Employee should be given day off or other flexible working hours for example employee studying should be given a day off d for study.


7)      A career development plan must be in place for employee with potential of future managers. Employee with these potential are identified at recruitment stage.


8)      All employee are informed of the human resource polices and legal and ethical requirement that must be followed by them e.g. behavior with women by service manager of JKL was against the ethical requirement of laws.


9)      The human resource manger will handle all complaints regarding human resource management for example wrong calculation of bonus and case of misbehavior with female worker led to her resignation due to attitude of male workers.


10)  A consultant be hired to ensure the compliance with the HR polices and legislative requirements.

Report on Strategy for Delivery of Human Resource Services


The function of human resource services is very important for any organization. The human resource service delivery is a complex process and takes time and money. The size of the organization and importance of human to the company’s overall strategy determine the method of delivery of HR services. There are different models for the delivery of human resource services and it can be done by the owner or manager himself, it can be outsourced and it can be perform by the human resource department of an organization. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks.  The pros and cons of the different method are given below:

Performance of Human Resource Services by Human Resource consultant services will result in following disadvantages:

·         JKL has offices in different areas which may increase cost in case of HR services outsourced by it. Moreover it will have to hire people who are to coordinate with outside HR service provider.


·         The JKL may not realized the benefit of HR which may result in loss of  focus on HR issues and resulted in dissatisfied staff


·         The outsourcing of HR services may result in loss of confidentiality of information.


·         The level of Human resource services provided by outsourced company may not be of the same level as provided by the company itself.

·         Liability as an employer for the HR and compliance with laws relevant to Human Resource rest with the JKL.

The JKL may also have some benefits by outsourcing Human resource services from outside company:

·         The outsourcers are more specialized in hiring who may hire specialist people and right people for right jobs in the company.


·         The HR service provider has better knowledge of the market like in case of JKL there is shortage of apprentice mechanics so HR service provider may provide JKL them with their  HR requirement


·         Outsourcer have better trainer and human resource experts who can train people better which results in an increase in productivity and skill of workforce.

Performance of HR services by JKL with centralized HR department


The JKL can perform the core HR functions by itself with hiring HR consultant for some of the services like compliance with HR polices, laws and regulations.

The staff at the JKL is demotivated and not fully aware of the Human resource policies of the organization. It needs to hire HR Manager at its head office which coordinates with the HR function at each division and all complaints relating to HR must be handled at the centralized office. This has following benefits to the JKL:

·         Its HR objective will coincide with overall company’s strategy people in organization will be aware of their roles and responsibilities in the organizations


·         JKL is closing its rental division and to increase its sales branches so it has to train the employees of rental division and to transfer them to sales division. The HR function is very important for the organization in the next eighteen months as it is changing its business strategy hence it has to involve its HR during the whole process. This will motivate not only the staff remaining after redundancy and staff that will leave on downsizing.


·         The cost of HR to the company will be lower because it has to hire staff only at its central offices to coordinate with HR function of different areas.


·         The HR function is very important and the performance of HR function by the company the managing director will be more involved in the HR with the HR function performed majorly at its head office in Sydney.

Compliance with legislative requirement and organizational polices


The JKL has strategy to hire consultant to ensure compliance with the requirement of laws and regulations relating to human resource including the followings:


·        Freedom of information Act 7982

·         Occupational Health and Safety Act 1983

·         Privacy Act 1988

·         Racial Discrimination Act 7975

·         Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1-988

·         Sex Discrimination Act 1984

·        Trade Practices Acl7974

·         Vocational Education and Training Funding Act 1992

·          Workplace Relations Act 1996


Report on Hiring Strategies


This report is prepared to for the managing director of the JKL about the hiring strategies to be utilized by the JKL. (Start a new sentence here) and maintenance, retaining of employees and to keep the employees motivated to perform the tasks assigned to them. Further this report will also highlight the separation strategies of the JKL.

1)         JKL has its own HR function performing HR services for the JKL. It can utilize the following hiring strategies for recruitment of employees:

·         Determine the requirement for staff i.e. how many employees required and the skills required for the position to be filled.


·         Determine the timeframe within which the employee are need to be hired


·         Determine the salary package for the new hiring


·         Decide whether to promote from within the company or to recruit from outside.


·         Advertised the position through news paper advertisement and keep focus on the market about the potions available.


·         Selection employees on the basis of application and short interviews. Different method can be used here like questionnaire, group problem solving and panel interview. As the JKL have high turnover and recent cases of bad human resource management have an impact on the company’s image therefore there is need to discuss this matter about the company and clarifying the position.


·         The candidate is selected on the bases of the interview and candidate is introducing to the company its policies regarding discrimination, education career development and laws and regulation application to the company.

Motivation, maintenance and retention strategies


The JKL should hire its own HR function which will not only align the organizational strategy but also motivate the employees who will be more aware of their roles in the organization. JKL can use the following strategies for motivation, maintenance and retention of the employees:

1)      Career development plant for employees can be introduced for the employees where employees are developed to fill  the higher management positions

2)      Bonus and overtime pay and other perquisite must be provided to employees

3)      Flexible working hour and inclusion of staff in planning

4)      Better communication with its branches and other offices.

5)      Rotation policy moving of employees from sales to rental division so employee can be provided with different task with more challenge. This will also motivate employees.

6)      Arranging of social events like sports of different branches which will create cohesion and motivation amongst the staff.

7)      JKL is closing its rental division within 18 month and increasing branches in next 12 month so it needs to involved its employees in work and communicate more and more with them so they will kept be motivated and be giving their best for the organization.

Separation Strategies

There are two forms of separation process i.e. by employee or by employer. In the earlier employee give notice of his intention to leave the company and in the later employee is involuntarily asked to leave the company. The difference in the both type is that the employees get more benefits when asked by the company to exit. The JKL is also closing its rental division therefore it has to devise viable strategies as given below:

1)      The JKL will offer early retirement to those employees who are near to the age of retirement

2)      Offering job to redundant employee of rental division in the new branches of sales division.

3)      Make a policy to redundant those employees first who are recruited last this will save cost in term of gratuities (please clarify the sentence).

4)      Motivate the employees leaving the company by offering those jobs in future on expansion of business by the company.

5)      Remove uncertainty in the employees about the termination on redundancy by communication.

6)      Providing benefits to the old employees according the emplacement agreement

7)      Interview the employee leaving the company about his experience of working for the company.

8)      Making a separation agreement to clarify the detail of separation and avoid any dispute in the future (Greer Charles R. – 2001).










Report on Communication of Strategy and Action Plan

Dear Sir,

This report will show the action plan of task to achieve and the strategy to communicative the goals of the organization to the employees to gain their commitment. This report is presented in part first part to show the action plan and the second part includes the strategy to gain commitment through communication for implementing the action plan.



Serial No.




Time frame


Shift focus from rental business to sale through on branches

Increasing the number of branches for sale division and closing the rental business

Managing Director / HR manager

18 month to close rental division and 12 month to increase sales and braches for direct sales


Human Resource Management

Hiring of third party to manage compliance with HR laws and company policy for human resource and development of Human Resource Department


Managing Director / HR Manager

Within 2 months


















Development of Service Agreements


deciding the terms and conditions

for agreement with the provider of HR services

HR Manager / Managing Director

Within 2 months


Communication to keep the employee motivated and more involved in the company’s goals

To inform the employee about the company strategy regarding its business and future plans

Human Resource Department

Within one month


Determination of Training needs of employees and provide them training to improve performance


Training of employees to be transfer to the sales division from rental division. Moreover identification of training needs of current employee and provide them training.

Human Resource Department

Within 12 months


Roles and responsibilities (internal and external)

The third party hired by the company shall ensure compliance with the laws and regulation relating to HR and the company policy for HR.

Hr Consultant

Within 1 month



2)        How You Will Communicate and Gain Agreement

The managing director will directly converse with the functional manager of each department i.e. service department, sales department and rental department. The manager of these departments directly communicates with the employee of the each department to gain their commitment and motivation. Apart from this an email with the direct meeting is also used to specify the details of the company goals and objective. Also involving the employee in the plan will help in gaining their commitment and agreement.

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