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Media Advertisement

Produce a creative brief

Client Contact info:

Company name:

Royal Automobile Club of Victoria

Mailing address:

550 Princes Highway, Noble Park North 3174

+61 3 8792 4006



(03) 9703 6400


Contact persons for this project:




Advertising Project Manager






Company profile:


RACV was established in 1903 at the Port Phillip Club Hotel with the business of serving Victorian community, promoting and advocating for the motor cars and providing a lot of facilities & services. The company has currently 29,000 club members and more than 2 million members. The first club facilities were offered to members in 1904, using space within the Reform Club at 243 Collins Street. Now the Club offers a five-star City Club, a Country Club at Healesville and five resorts.

The company has become a multi-faceted, member-focused organization which offers various products and services as emergency roadside assistance, technical advice on vehicles, driving instruction, research into road safety and vehicle design, touring and travel tips and the RoyalAuto magazine. RACV also strongly advocates for members on many mobility-related issues, including petrol prices, road funding and safety.

“The commercial products of the company includes the an ample and third party property and motor vehicle insurance, home & contents insurance, boat, caravan and trailer insurance, landlord insurance, farm and business insurance, home security, financial services and personal loans.

RACV has 16 directors - a managing director and 15 non-executive directors.  Nine are voted onto the Board by ordinary (club) members and six by service members (service/ordinary directors).”


Having the experience and history of more than a century the company has emerged, flourished and advanced as one of the leading business offering diverse services and products.

Business need:

As this is the era of highly emerging electronic media of advertisement. Most of the companies round the globe are highly depending on the electronic media for the promotion of the business and increasing growth in their revenues. Following the trend ARCV also has to go for the Electronic media advertisement to create more brand awareness, promote brand image and get more and more clients to increase the revenues.

Reason of going for this advertisement campaign is to promote the company not only in the physical markets but also to make a huge impact in the internet and online markets.

As a result of this advertisement campaign we are expecting both awareness of company’s business,  promotion of the company’s product’s and services and increasing the revenues and profit by a great deal.

Project Goals:

Our main plan in this project is to enhance and improve market awareness, update visual identity or image of ARCV for selling its diverse range of products and services by fulfilling certain legal requirements and educate the customers for the great enhancements in revenues. We’ll improve the existing marketing of the in electronic media and renewing, introducing and enhancing the online marketing strategies.

The specific information about the company’s motor vehicle support, resorts, third party property & motor vehicle insurance, home & contents insurance, boat, caravan and trailer insurance, landlord insurance, farm and business insurance, home security, financial services and personal loans will be spread through the social marketing, Search Engine Optimization and general electronic media.

Priorities in Goals:

  1. Target the newer Social Media and promote the business online.
  2. Optimize the business and website in the search engines.
  3. High growth in revenues from the Electronic Advertisement.

Key message:

We want to make the impression on our target audience than no one is providing the better and distinguishing services than us or in short:”ARCV luxurious life in Newer Style”.

Target audiences:

ARCV is one of the most well renowned companies in Australia. But the thing is that all of its services and products are not equally famous in the country. Our target audience is having the people mostly the young and earning people in any profession between the ages between 22-40 and living in Australia.

Prioritized as follows which is essential to qualified as our target audience too:

·         Living in Australia.

·         Higher Middle to Higher Class People.

·         Using the social media.

Product, service or initiative:

There are numerous products and services offered by the Company. We need to promote all them to overall give promotion to the company’s business. The uniqueness about our services will be that we are offering luxurious services in lower rate.


The most prioritized media is the social media i.e. networking and Optimization in search engine. Secondly we’ll also use the Radio and Cinemas for the promotion of the possible and relevant products or services of ARCV. We won’t use the T.V. media as our budget doesn’t allow us to do so. Our advertisement duration will last for one month for Radio and TV and sic month for online advertisements and SEO.



In Radio we’ll use Nova Radio.

In Social Networking we’ll use face book and Twitter.

In Search Engines we’ll target the Google and Yahoo in Australia.


As most of the products & services of RACV relates to the improvement in life style and adding luxury and entertainment in the life of its clients, most of the users will be benefitted by the saving of money comparing the competitors, the products & services will improve their living standards, level of entertainment and luxury in the life.


·         Entertainment & Luxury

·         Improvement in life style

·         Cost savings

Support for benefit claim:

Following are the reports and proves that the advertisement like we are going to launch have provided benefits t o the companies:

511 Traffic Focus Group Findings Report, Submitted by Wolfe/Doyle Advertising

Focus Group Recruitment & Advertising Effectiveness


RACV has the completion with all the top Australian Resorts, Clubs, personal financial services & insurance providers, home service providers and services related to cars & roadside assistance. The RACV group is better from them in term of price, services quality and delivery.

 Existing brand identity:

RACV has already a good brand identity in most of its products and services but it needs to make its clients aware about the range of its services and let them know that whatever their life work is RACV is there to render its services.

Desired brand identity:

The RACV needs to get the brand identity or needs to be recognized as a family brand with the touch of luxury and thrill.

Design preferences/style:

Following is the theme we’re going to take for the design preferences or styles:


The theme is in mainly blue color with white text and yellow underline.


Wherever you go whatever you want RACV is there for you.


The Radio advertisement will last for a month from 2nd Feb 2014 to 1st March 2014.

The Social Media, SEO and other online marketing campaign will last for 6 moths 2nd Feb 2014 to 1st August 2014.

Financial plan:



Above given is the income half year income statement of only a single company (HACV Finance Ltd.) of the group in which we are expecting a 100% growth with the following stats:

Income Statement Half Year from Feb-Aug 2014


Figures in 000 AUD



Cost of Sales


Gross Profit


Advertising Expense


Other Operating Expenses


Total Operating Expanses


Operating Profit


Income Tax


Net Income




The limitations in this report are that we are not having the professional designers, approach to the radio channels, approach to the add agencies for making the radio ad and also the budget is very limited of just 50k in which we cannot participate in TV ads and promoting all the services of RACV group.



Produce a Radio Advertisement

Client Contact info:

Company name:

The Smith Snack food Co. Limited

Mailing address:

The Smith's Snackfood Company,
Level 8, 799 Pacific Highway


(02) 9951 1799







Contact persons for this project:




Advertising Project Manager






Produce a Radio Advertisement


We are going to use the Nova Radio as our ad campaign on the radio media. Following is the creative ad script of the ad:

Hello it is Nova radio and if you are hungry or want to eat something according to your mood and you want to eat some tasty snack here we are with the Original and the best taste.

The ad will not be in the general ads as people usually change the radio channel while ads. So the Compare will start the ad with his program. In this way people will really listen this and Smith products will be promoted this way and awareness will be added there in the people’s mind as well.

The length of the ad will be 20 seconds. The budget spent on this will be 25,000 Australian dollars.

So there will be different ads created and prompted in similar way as given above for the different product of smith. The ad will be played in all the after  every 15 minutes  early morning as our target audience will be listening to the ad in their way to the office while drive or while preparing for the office.





Produce a TV Advertisement


We will Use West TV and Cartoon network Australia for our product promotion. The creative brief above in task 2 is used in this advertisement.  The script of the Ad will be as follows:

The Original and best the snacks for every moment of your life either you are working or watching movie Smith Chips the taste for every moment.

 The video of add will create awareness and desire of the product. The ad will last for 20 seconds and will be played on every break in the evening and after every famous television programs of west TV. The budget of TV advertisement will be 80,000 AUD.  The main targeted audience for our TV ad will be young people and children. 

The benefits of this TV ad are that it will capture the attention of large number of audience in a minimum time will increase the sale of Smith Product.  The ad will give a brief of company’s all brands and every ad will focus on different brand.

The video on the TV will be appear as given below:


Produce an Internet Advertisement

 The internet ad is one of the best sources of advertisement these days as almost everyone in Australia use the social networking web accounts in one way or the other. An attractive ad will bring the social networking user to our information about the Smith’s products. Getting followed a person on our social networking page like face book will continuously connect the person to the promotions and activities of the company. The size of the ad or dimensions will be the 100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall. This will be having the top position in all the social network ads including face book. Our major focus will also be on the Australian Face Book user’s age between 8-32 years.

There will be multiple ads created some of which will take the user or will be linked to the face book page or the website. The size of the ad or dimensions will be the 100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall.

The Smith’s every product’s feature will be shown on face book page like  


“Multipack = packed lunch pleasure”


There will be cost of 1000US$ on advertising on the internet via face book that would be the cost of staff will respond to queries of the people on the face book.

The major benefit of the internet add is that it will be able to get the response of the mass audience all over the product regarding the Smith’s product.  There will be real time response to the queries and information about the product and every new product information will be provided on the net.

The company’s TV add also uploaded on the face book so the people can watch and influence and want to know about the product more. All the promotional compagain will be publicize on the face book.

The internet advertised has the benefit of capturing the large number of internet users using the social sites like face book. The numbers of internet users are increasing day by day. This social media has the benefits of explaining the detail of the product e.g. feature for health conscious people like “75% less saturated fat”.

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