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Theories About Human Life

Who says there is only one life? There is a life after the death then a life until the time ends and then a life of consequences. There are 3 lives we already know. Who knows that, how many are more there before, after and in between these 3 sure lives?  


According to Hinduism a person is given another life if his body is completely burnt to ash. Islam says everything will be burnt to fire before the Day of Judgment and bodies will be remade by the God again the theories doesn’t contradict a lot that life is there again if the body is turned into ash.


As per almost every religion human body is alive until there is a soul in it. Hinduism says a bad soul will sent back to a body of an animal. In Quran ants were scared of the Prophet Sulaymān could talk to every creature on the earth and even the aunts were well familiar by the Prophet Sulaymān. It means almost every creature on the planet has a brain, intelligence and a soul as well which possibly could have been in human bodies in an earlier life. Despite the contradictions both of theories are pretty close to each other.


As per Christianity the Prophet Jesus will be given another life to come back to earth and Islam says Prophet Jesus is still alive who was called to skies and will be sent back to earth again. One way or another Jesus will have another life on earth counts four for Him. Islam says Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was called to the visit to the Skies by God where he (PBUH) lived hundreds of years when the world’s time was stopped. Islam says Prophet Adam lived numerous years in haven then due to some certain reasons he was sent to earth forever. So some prophets have two different times in a single life; one on the earth and second on the skies.


According to many religions and the science the duration of lives in before hundred of centuries was very long like an average human life was composed of many centuries. So, the topic of the life on earth is highly mysterious. Every once in a while there are hundreds of new births and deaths to the previous births. Whether the souls shuffle in the bodies or there is new soul for every new body. Either there is one life or many it is sure that every life has an end and can end at any moment.


These mysteries of life can never be solved. The Creator hasn’t told human much to the humans. HE does not want us to know a lot about the past, about the future or even in the present. As the Quran explains; humans were not told about a lot of things if they were known these then they would have laughed too few and would have been crying most of the times. Humans make a lot of assumptions; presents number of theories. When there is a theory about the life only the Creator knows the reality.


Neither the life, nor the luck is in full control of human beings. One thing which a human has in hand is his present, his deeds and the time to make every second count for good. 

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