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Financial plan

Personal Finance

There are many types of financing available in the market for a new business. There are Banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies and many other types of financial institutions who are involved in facilitating the local citizens for there business.  One can get his financing for an existing business as well as a new venture for a business.

Financial Plan - Electronic Solutions

This post is another example of the financial plan made on a start-up business venture involved in the Electronic Engineering services. It contains the whole information of projected income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets and financial assumptions.

Nokia Financial Analysis

This report is about the Nokia financial analyses during the period of two years from 2007 to 2008. This period includes the beginning of worldwide recession in 2007 and peak of recession in year 2008.

Stakeholders: Financial Analysis

This report has been prepared on the basis of the five most recent income statements and balance sheets of Digital China Limited. Financial Analysis used in the report is based on the calculations shown in the appendix attached.

Financial Ratios Examples

This Blog Post is a comprehensive example of Practically Applied Financial Ratio analysis on a UK Real Estate Company Liberty International PLC. It contains all 5 major Types of Financial Ratio Analysis explained in text, figures, ratios stats, tables and graphs.

Small Business Financial Plan

This article defines the most essential accounting knowledge required to make a financial plan of a small business. Following are the core accounting components or accounting concepts you have to be absolute clear about.

Small Business Financial Plan: Mattress Shop

This bog post is a small example of business financial plan made by Research Region. The Financial plan is made for a new business venture indulged in the business of mattress trading in Miami.

Financial Analysis for Silverjet, Ryanair & Air Canada

The company is involved in the business of airlines and providing some transportation, catering and some other services to some other airline company’s customers.

Financial Ratio Analysis

The report shows the comprehensive financial ratio analysis of a civil engineering company of United Kingdom named Scott Wilson Group Plc. It analyses the company financials statements by Horizontal & Vertical Analysis as well as all the major types of ratio analyses.

Business Financial Plan

This post is another example of business financial plan. The financial plan given in this post is made for a new business venture setting up in Washington DC which provides its services of cleaning to the commercial business centers.

Financial Plan for better business future

Whether this is an existing business or a new venture. You frequently have to plan and predict you business future on continues bases.

Forecast 5 year business Financials

Thansk for choosing our financial plan. This report presents a comprehensive financial plan for Restaurant involved in the businesses of breakfast and lunch deals.

Financial Plan Example

Research Region has the history to help its customers in their business plan reports and also the parts of business plan like financial plan. We have made hundreds...

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