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Purposes Of Business Organization

The main purpose of existence of any business organization is to make profit. Apart from this organization has different purpose like, market share and growth etc. The purpose of the organization is stated in the mission statement of the organization. There are other organizations that may not be in existence for the purpose of making profit. For example the purpose of the Government organization is to serve the public in a best possible way while utilizing the resources in an efficient way. 

Nintendo Wii: Marketing Design Innovation

Nintendo has provided different models of the gaming console with the changing names of its brand. Nintendo also provided different versions of games according to changing needs & demands of different markets, which also were consistent with their different regional demographics. The year over year improvement in design, technology, changing models according to customer need and demands are described in this section of the report. Nintendo has passed through a long journey of developments to make a high class and highly technological advance product like Wii. Nintendo has a long history of developing its technology and the destination of these developments is Wii, a revolutionary product in the gaming industry. The year over year developments of Nintendo to reach the level of Wii is detailed as under:

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