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Economic Feasibility


Research Region makes economic feasibilities to assess or determine the possible positive & negative economic effects your business can have. We have the experience of producing economic feasibilities studies for our global public & private clients in a broad range of industries. A business plan is never complete without the Economic Feasibility. These industries include agriculture, real estate, recreation or tourism, e-commerce businesses, commercial & industrial businesses, energy projects and many others.


Primarily our Economic Feasibilities include the economic environment scanning of business region in local business industry position and global business position. Also include quantification & identification of expected economic benefits and cost/ benefits analysis, costs of business establishment and operations, upfront start-up expenses, market penetration, expected revenues, expected cash flows, rate of return, net present value and payback period.


A feasibility study is always crucial especially in the initial development of any business or project. Economic & Accounting Advisory feasibility studies make companies possible for assessing the viability, cost and benefits of the projects before the allocation of financial resources. These analyses provide self-determining project assessments and boost the credibility of project.


Also our Economic Feasibility contains the Revenue growth or drop by price elasticity, competitive market analyses, technology & economic efficiency, output & costs analyses, market structure, details of factors of production and finally the fiscal & monetary policies of country of business operation. 


Generally the information provided by Research Region in a feasibility study is used for convincing the audience that how beneficial it is to be implemented your project. This type of feasibility report is often a prerequisite for some sort of funding approval. Our Economic Feasibility details the reasons that why your project should be prioritized much higher than the others. Our report also summarizes the strengths, weaknesses and legitimacy of assumptions for assessing the financial and non-financial costs & benefits of primary preferred options.


A feasibility study prepared by Research Region can help your Business for:


  • Defining the requirements of selected project its and critical success factors.

  • Comprehensive alternative approaches for meeting the business requirements like comparative cost/benefit analyses and analyses of risk, proposing the best possible approaches for preparing your business case or practical implementation process.

  • Our Economic Feasibility Study will help you answer the critical questions like:

1.     Whether the alternatives have been examined carefully, thoroughly and independently?

2.     What will be the consequences of each of your choice in all relevant areas?

3.     What will be the outcomes of given cost/benefit studies?

4.     What will cost you if no action is taken in many decisions?

5.     What will be the impacts on the diverse interest groups?

6.     What will be the main timelines for your decisions?

7.     Have the consequences been displayed to make the comparisons effortless?

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