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Family Business Guide



As a family business you face number of challenges and also have the strength to cope with them. Other businesses mostly progress in a couple of year’s duration while a family owned business can take upto decade to establish.



In the family business we focus on personal and business values to save the business for the next generation. No matter what the size of your company our professionals are always there to guide you on family business management.



A family business is the one which has minimum one representative in family or has a formal kin involved in the handling the of the company’s business affairs. In the public companies a person’s descendants must possess minimum 25% or more in the share capital.



Generally family relations and non-business/unprofessional ideas ruin the well-established enterprises especially; when in the times of financial crisis, economics crisis and political crisis in the country.



The history has told that most successful family business enterprises are those which have strong family relation and responsible business ownership. Research Region has a vast understanding of family owned businesses. We also have different business tools and experiences to help your family owned business like handling partnership deeds. We not only provide consultancy but also resolve your business.



We invite you to investigate our family owned advisory services and contact us.

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