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Finance Essays

Our writers are specialized in writing custom finance essays, finance research papers, term papers on finance, finance dissertations and theses on financial research. Our professional and expert writers are at least master’s degree holders in the field of finance plus they are professional degree holder or student of any global professional degree like ACCA, CMA or CFA. In this way your essay will reflect the professional knowledge and perfect calculations. We provide our services to our customer round the world more of our customer belongs to UK, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bulgaria, USA and Australia.


Our writers can write on any subject of finance including corporate financial analysis, real estate investment appraisal, real estate financial principles, personal finance, investment, financial markets, financial management, corporate insurance, business finance decisions, financial institutions, financial statement analysis, capital markets, investment analysis and portfolio management.


They can also help you with other important topics or courses in finance like security valuation and hedging, derivatives corporate financial design, economic and business forecasting, stock & bond valuation, global financial reporting, analyses of financial statement information, debt markets, asset allocation, derivative securities and more.


Following are some samples of finance essays:

Subject: Financial Statement analyses

Company: BELLWAY PLC V/S Telford Homes 2009


Investor Analyses:

The analyses on the previous page analyze the company from different perspectives and let the investor know to invest in the company shares or not. Earnings per share (EPS) of the company are 17.70 which are reduced comparing last year 104.20 but better than the competitor of 8.10 which is also deteriorated comparing last year of 2010. Price Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) of the BELLWAY is 41.53 (Mayer, 1969) comparing last year 5.59 and the benchmark’s ratio of 13.58 in 2009 and 19.09 in year 2008. BELLWAY is better from EPS but not by P/E ratio. It is better to invest in Telford but not bad to invest in BELLWAY either because it has a sound EPS. BELLWAY has also better dividend cover ratio of 1.9 comparing Telford’s 1.47. It pays lesser amount of dividend which means it is investing the remaining income and has more opportunities to grow in future.

Subject: Financial management

Company: Google Inc.




This report is all about the financial analyses of Google Inc.  It provides the in-depth analyses about the company. It starts with the common size analysis. The rest of explanation is done by the ratio analyses, trend analysis, and analyses about financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It also compares the company’s financial performance with S&P 500 Index and yahoo Inc. It calculates the investor's required rate of return (RRR) on common stock, use valuation techniques and in the end it let us know about the company fair stock price. On the base of whole analyses it suggests the reasons to invest in company or not.

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