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Financial Plan

If you have fulfilled all the requirements of Business Plan and you are confused to make a Financial Plan which is perfect by the rules of accounting then you have come to the right most place. Research Region makes comprehensive evaluation of your current and future state of financial figures by using currently known variables for predicting the cash flows in future, assets’ value and plans for withdrawal of funds. Research Region has the team of highly qualified Accounting Professionals to make a well attractive Business Financial Plan for you. We not only ask your estimations about financial figures of expected purchases, direct & indirect expenses, possible purchase of assets, creation of liabilities, inventories and matters of taxation in your area but also making evolutions for these figures based on some one of the most rational financial research techniques.

We make the projected financial statements for our customers for determining that how his business will meet its set strategic goals and objectives. Mostly our clients require the Financial Plan immediately after the vision and objectives have been set. The Financial Plan made in Research Region describes the entire activities, resources, equipment and materials in financial figure which are essential for achieving the business objectives and timeframes established.

The initial procedure of making the Financial Planning in Research Region involves the following steps:

  • Analyzing the business environment
  • Confirming the business vision & objectives from Client
  • Identifying all the resources required for achieving these objectives
  • Estimating the amount of resource needed
  • Calculating cost of each resource
  • Summarizing the costs for creating the budget
  • Identify the risks or issues related to the budget


Financial Planning is absolutely essential for the success of any start up business and expanding business. It confirms; whether the objectives set for the Business Plan are feasible from financial point of view. The Financial Plan also helps out the business owners and the staff to set and change their future financial targets for achieving business objectives within the set budget.

Our Financial Plan contains the Yearly & Monthly Financial Statements (Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet) Revenues Break Ups, Break-Even Analyses, Start Ups, Comprehensive Assumptions and basis of financial Figures and Sensitivity Analyses.

Following Work Depicts the example of work done in a Financial Plan:

This Financial Plan is of an existing business which is trying to expand by extra bit of advertisement and capital investment: An example of 5 year financial plan by Research Region here starts with the 5 Year Projected Income statement of a Business as follows:


Financial plan


Following statement is the Monthly Break Ups of Income Statement which is provided up to 5 years on the customer's demand:

financial plan

The below given picture represents the 5 Years Cash Flow Statement which shows the ins and outs of cash in Operating, Investing & Financing Categories and ends up with the opening and ending cash balances in all 5 years:

Financial plan

The Financial Statement provided below is the monthly break ups of Cash Flow Statement of 1st year which can be provided up to 5 Years on the Customer's Demand:

financial plan

Following is the Balance Sheet Example for 5 years of Business. This projected balance sheet for 5 years shows the position of business from base year to the next 5 projected future years:

financial plan

The next is the projected Balance Sheet example in Monthly Break Ups or monthly balance sheet of 1st year which can be provided up to 5 Years on the customer's demand:

financial plan

The above is the perfect example of balance sheet for business plan.


After providing all the projected financial statements or we provide the monthly Break Ups of sales or revenues. The Example is given below:

financial plan

When all the projected figures and financial statements are provided then we provide the financial assumptions which are the base of all the facts and figures. Below given is the example of assumptions on which all the above given financial statements are based:

financial plan

After Assumptions we provide the start up expenses which are needed to start the business. The example start ups of above given business plan financial analysis exampe are given as under:

financial plan

In Financial Ratio Analyses we provide all ratios of 5 major types. An example of financial ratios is given below:

financial plan

We also provide analysis of monthly financial report.

Ratio Analysis Examples

If you want analysis examples of business financial statement below are some perfect examples of financial plans

Financial Statement Analysis Bellway

Ratio Analysis-Comparing Industry and Competitor

Financial Ratios Examples

Financial Analysis for Silverjet, Ryanair & Air Canada

Financial Ratio Analysis


Financial Plan in Research Region also graphically presents the Net Income, Revenues, Business Start Ups etc…Example is given as under:

financial plan


financial plan


Our financial analysts have a vast global experience to do the financial plans and complete business plans especially in USA, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Australia, Canada and Gulf Region. There are number of websites providing 5 year business plan template but these are computer generated and every business plan is dealt in the similar way to other. The next you can find more examples of financial plan work.


Financial Plan Example

These examples shows you the workings and results of financial ratios analysis example, Projected financial statements and much more.


               Also there are number of complete 5 year business plan examples on our website and nunerous examples of financial ratio analysis sample.

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