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Government Grants

When we hear the name of government grants the first question arises in our mind is that, is the government giving grants to small & medium businesses? The government grants depend on the following things; nature of your business, how much return is your business generating and are your investors & government institutes happy with your returns and tax liabilities. Your creditworthiness is also play a vital role in this context.

Some facts about govt. grants for small & medium businesses and the procedures of getting those grants are given below:

Govt. Grant for expanding SME

It is reasonable to expect that the government gives grants to small businesses.  People around you keep telling you that it is possible to get grants for small businesses and some people or organizations charge fee from you for telling the details. But they will never provide grants without proper documentations. Govt. provides the grant funds from the taxes they receive from people and therefore the following the strict rules and regulations for giving that funds to small business owners and also give instructions to use the given money.

Government do not give grants for any of the following reasons:

  • Start a new business
  • To pay off your debt liabilities
  • To meet the operational expenses

                      It is said that the government provide grants mostly to the small business this is not perfectly true. Government gives grants mostly to those small businesses whose ideas and plans are unique. It is easy for you to get grants if the nature of your business research and development.

SME seeking Research & Development Grants

If the nature of your business is the scientific research and development, you might be eligible for government grants. As governments provide these research and development expenses to the companies which has potential to contribute positively in the economy.

Way to Find Grants

If you want to know the available opportunities for grants in USA and curious to avail those opportunities then you must visit is the US government’s searchable website consists of public database of more than 1,000 federal grant programs that gives approximately $500 billion yearly. You are advised to use the advanced search tool from this website for searching a federal grant by eligibility criteria.

  • For further information of available government grants in USA you can visit
  • For United Kingdom you can visit on this website you can find the entire loan and grants programs running by U.K government.
  • If you want to know all the grants programs available in Australia then you must visit
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