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Harvard Referencing System

Harvard Referencing style is the most commonly used style of referencing in the colleges and universities. In Harvard Referencing style references are cited within the text. First the author’s last name is given and then the year of publication is given separated by the comma. Both are written within the parentheses e.g. (Smith, 1989). Full references are cited in the end of the report under the heading of Referencing List. Following are two examples of full references used in the Harvard Referencing style. The first is an internet and the second is the book reference.


  • The Body Shop Australia 2003, The Body Shop Australia, Mulgrave, Victoria, Accessed On, 31 January 2003, <
  • Knuth, D.E. & Moore, R.W., 1975. An Analysis of Alpha-Beta Pruning, Artificial Intelligence 6(4), PP. 293-326


A reference to a thesis, book, or dissertation has the following referencing structure.


It starts with author's surname followed by a comma then author’s initials in capitals, then year of publication is followed by the full-stop. It is followed by the title of book in italics with which is followed by the colon and full-stop is given at the end of sub-title. After this Place of publication like town or city is given follow by the colon and then the publisher company name is given followed by full-stop. In the end page numbers are given followed by p. or pp. 

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