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Marketing Essays

Our writers are specialized in writing custom marketing essays, marketing research papers, marketing term papers, marketing dissertations and theses on marketing contents. Our professional and expert writers are at least master’s degree holders in the field of marketing to make the best marketing plan essay. In this way your essay will reflect the professional knowledge and tremendous implementation. We provide our services to our customer round the world. More of our customer belongs to UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and Australia. Our writers are not only expert in the marketing terms but they know how to implement on them and use the innovative ideas. Following are some examples of our writers' work in marketing.


Topic: Strategic Options

Company: Coffee Republic

In the report it is required to make a marketing strategy which is the most feasible for the company Coffee Republic. For this there is a collection of few practicable strategies to choose the suitable for the better future of the company. Following are given a collection of marketing strategies to choose form for Coffee Republic:


·        The first marketing strategy to choose is that company should add the products of fast food in the menus of Coffee Republic bars. In this way company would be attracting more customers to its sales points and target market of company will increase. There will be more traffic in the Coffee Republic chain. This strategy can be successful which may flourish the company to a great way.

·        The second strategy is that company can add pizza products in the menus by searching a pizza manufacturer in the world which is making the high quality and rich taste pizza in world and working in the very lower level. The company can make a partnership with that pizza manufacturer and can flourish by offering the pizza in addition to the existing menu. This strategy will also increase the traffic for the Coffee Republic chain of bars and company can be successful by implementing the same.

·        The third strategy for marketing can be the same which is being coped by the Coffee Republic in the current time and it must add the element of extensive marketing in it. The current strategy is to add the franchisees in the existing chain in the international level. For this Coffee Republic can be a successful organization by not making any changes in the structure but advancing in international markets and increasing the overall traffic of customers on its coffee bars.



Topic: Marketing Communication Plan

Company: Darmabit Waterproofing Industries

Target Audiences:

The DWI Target audience the mega cities of Saudi Arabia and all the states of UAE. The company’s major goal is to face the international competition. Dermabit Waterproofing Industries has set out a network of distribution (composed of dealers, agents, distributors) in many markets starting from the neighboring Gulf  and other Arab countries and is getting in-depth of all the countries of the Asia Pacific region, while growing west into the European Union and South American countries.


Expected Duration:

Expected duration of our advertising campaign is about two years. The advertisement campaign is made for the different countries of the world in different ways where DWI will be using about 20 different types of promotional plans in the different parts of the world. It will start form the Gulf and then it will pass through the whole world of 50 countries in which DWI product is being used.


The Product Life Cycle:

Our different products are being in the different stages of product life cycle. Few countries where the products like sealer are in the decline stage of product life cycle. In few countries we have just introduced our product like Fiber Pools in Asia Pacific region.


Products in the different areas are performing in diverse ways. Even in some places our products are in different stages of life cycle in same area.   All the products will be handled as according to their product life cycle.

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