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Marketing Plan


One of our specialized services is providing the marketing planning reports to our customers. Our provided marketing plan is a always a comprehensive proposal which sketches out the organization's marketing efforts on the whole.We not only provide our marketing plan research services to the start up organizations but also to the running organizations planning for annual marketing process or the marketing plan for three or more years ahead. Marketing Plan plays the biggest role in the acceptance of business plan feasibilty for financial loans to the corporates and individuals.


Setting Marketing aims and objectives:

Our first step of marketing plan is to set a sales-oriented corporate mission by aiming to provide the marketing solutions with the awareness to the company for the expected customers. We set the marketing aims and objectives of the company considering the financial data like accounting, costing and finance sections. It well covers the product data like production, research and development. Our marketing plan service also includes planning for the sales, packaging, and distribution sections. In the end the advertising, sales promotion, merchandising planning is provided comprehensively. It also includes the in-depth research of organization past marketing planning and their competitors.


Marketing environmental Scanning:

Our marketing plan research carries the analyses of our customer business markets, customers, competitors and the current situation and trends of market size, market segmentation, industry structure and strategic groupings. We scan the Macro environment in terms of economy, Legal, governmental, technology, ecological, socio-cultural and supply chain to make a comprehensive marketing plan.

Review of the detailed marketing activity:


This is the most comprehensive part of the marketing planning report in which we review entire marketing strategies contains the 7 Ps: Product, Place, Price and Promotion, Physical Environment, People, Process. All these 7 Ps make a framework which is extremely useful in building the action plans.


This planning thoroughly let us know that what products (or services) the business is offering where in which markets how the pricing will be settled, how these will be physically distributed, how the advertising will be done and our marketing strategies provided are most effective, are capable of measuring and quantifiable in terms of sales volume, value of money, share in market, penetration of distribution and many more. Following is the brief description of all 7 Ps:


  1. Product — the product description
  2. Price —strategies relating product/services pricing.
  3. Promotion: Setting strategies for advertising and other ways of prompting business
  4. Placement —the place of location of products to be sold
  5. People — the description of potential customers
  6. Physical environment — the atmosphere, mood, or tone of the political & economical environment
  7. Process — includes the value-added services which differentiate your business products/services from competitors. Most important part of this P is packing and designing of the product or services

Detailed plans and programs


All the business plan aspects are very much dependent on the marketing plan. Our report on marketing plan is well programmed where each individual activity is carried at the period of the plan without which monitoring of plan is impossible. So our marketing plan reports are Clear, Quantified Well Focused, Very Realistic and Agreed by the customers in terms of achievability. 

Following are some of the additional marketing strategies which are part of the comprehensive marketing plan provided by Research Region:.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Forecast
  • Porter 5 forces analysis
  • Mission statement and vision statement
  • B.C.G. Analysis
  • G.E. Multi Factor analysis
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • PERT or critical path analysis
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