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Technical Feasibility

Our business plan includes the technical and operational feasibility as the most integral part of the entire report. This report lets the assessor of business plan confirms that how you are eligible for doing the business with all the technical and operational business structure. The basic purpose of inclusion of the operational feasibility report in the business plan is gaining focus of attention of business plan evaluator on the technical resources required for the business and applicability of operational resources for technically describing your proposed business.

The basic intention of the Technical Feasibility Study is to support the Research Region’s clients for undertaking a technical study as follows:

  1. How the new products, technologies, process will be conducted in the business? 
  2. How there will be an improvement or redesigning existing products, services or processes?
  3. The report will explain that how the viability extending or expanding business facilities or will be assembled for increasing the operational capacities and capabilities.
  4. This Technical feasibility study will thoroughly explain the potential of applications of new technologies and licensing.
  5. This Operational feasibility also provides the essential information to enable your business to make the solid conclusions concerning the project's viability.

The common elements of our feasibility technical report are as follows:

  • Prototyping & designing of Business Products/Services
  • Process description of Manufacturing/Services Providing
  • Plant selection and analyses
  • Sourcing of raw material
  • Costing breakdowns
  • There is a possibility of inclusion of negotiating with any possible joint venture with a business involved already in manufacturing of your potential product.
  • What is the maximum capital required which you can personally invest or get a loan/grant from bank or venture capital or govt.?
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