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Our writers are specialized in writing custom tourism essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations and theses. Our professional and expert writers are at least master’s degree holders in Tourism or have studied the subject in the Mater's level. In this way your essay will reflect the professional knowledge and implications of tourism in different countries. We provide our services to our customer all around the world. Most of our customers for Tourism Research belong to UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and Australia. Following are some pieces of tourism essay written by our writers:


Topic: Tourism Marketing Mix

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



This report is all about the tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a strategic marketing plan to promote Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a destination for international tourists. It is the nature of human beings and desire of them to spend some time in the leisure. Everyone just wants to enjoy his life and see the world around him. Tourism is one of the best activities for leisure and enjoyment of people. Nature has made every part of the world different from the other. Every part of the world and each country have its own specialties and different beauties of natures. Some parts of the world are beautiful because of exceptionally beautiful jungles and wild life where other parts of the world are beautiful because of beautiful desserts.  Some parts of has different beautiful seas, rivers and lakes where other has some exceptionally stunning scenes of beautiful hills. Each part of the world has a huge attraction of its own.



The place element in tourism marketing mix is composed of distribution, customers, intermediaries, suppliers & channels (Calantone, 1991)3. These are channel of distributions which are used to promote Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a destination of international tourism, also includes travel agents and internet. All of these sub-elements of place are to fulfill the needs of tourists and the functions required to meet them. The model developed on the place element of marketing mix of tourism synthesizes and reinterprets a large body of empirical findings in the lights of the fundamental principles of distribution. This model is structured around the tourists’ needs, expressed in terms of place, time, form, and utilities, on the three elements of independent, customized, and package. The model also includes the jobs undertaken by tourists, intermediaries, and suppliers. The whole model and all the things covered under applied in locations of market, on the journey, and on the destination.

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Topic: Promoting as tourism destination

Country: Bulgaria


The product is the first element of marketing mix. Every industry is distinguished by a production process or generic product. For tourism to be considered an industry, it is necessary to show that such a genetic product and its process exist. In tourism industry a product is composed of five elements model (Smith, 1994)3: the physical plant, service, hospitality, freedom of choice, and involvement.


Bulgaria has a rich historical and cultural heritage with attractive typical landscapes. IT is one of the largest tourist attractions in Southeast Europe. Tourism is an industry which brings economic growth to the countries which give larger attention to it. In year 2008 the country Bulgaria was visited by about 8.9 million tourists. Tourists from three neighboring countries including Greece, Romania and Germany accounted 40% of visitors. Bulgaria has a lot of historical towns & cities, mountain ski resorts and summer beaches. Tourism in Bulgaria includes cultural, historic tours, adventure tours, architectural and eco-tourism and increasing the range of tourist experiences.


Physical Plant:

Major tourism activities in Bulgaria includes; Spa & Health Tourism, Rural & Ethnografical, tourism, Eco Tourism, Historical & Archaeological Tourism, Wine Tourism, Ski Tourism, Hobby & Sport Tourism, Religious Tourism, Festival & Events Tourism and Beach Tourism.



It has brilliant variety of hotels ranging from economical prices to international brands of hotels. In transportation it has electric train, Sound infrastructure of roads, and bus services.


Hospitality and freedom of choice:

People of Bulgaria are very hospitable and very well coming to the tourists visiting their country which provide range of facilities at moderate prices. Visitors has freedom of choice to visit beautiful places of Bulgaria including Tryavna, Troyan, Trigrad, Svishtov, Sozopol, Smolyan, Sliven, Plovdiv, Obzor, Nesebar or capital city of Sofia or many other stunning places of Bulgaria (BTB, 2011)4.


Govt. of Bulgaria is involved in promoting tourism in Bulgaria for which it has formed a Bulgaria tourism Board and tourism is operated under the Ministry of economy.

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