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Turabian and Chicago Referencing Style

With some minor differences Chicago and Turabian referencing styles are almost the same. The most recent edition of Chicago referencing style is 16th edition. These days in most universities theses and dissertations are written in the Chicago style. In Chicago style, Footnotes are added at the end of each page on in which the sources are referenced, and endnotes are compiled at the end of every chapter or in common practice at the end of the entire document. In either case, the source is superscripted by number corresponding to a note with the bibliographic information.


The footnote should include the information about the author’s full name, source title, and facts of publication. Footnotes and endnotes should begin with the appropriate number whereas the footnotes begin with a superscripted number on the source. Endnotes should also begin with the same number.


The endnote page should be titled Bibliography, is mostly placed at the end of the work before the index. It should include all references cited within the work and it may sometimes include some other relevant sources which were not cited but provide some further reading.


All whole bibliography will include the author’s name, title, and in the end facts of publication. The author’s last name is placed first and then a comma separates the first name of the author. For example Adam Smith becomes Smith, Adams. Titles of books and journals are formatted italicized. The year of publication is listed after the publisher or journal name. In a bibliography, all major elements of source citations should be separated by comma.

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