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Writing Styles

Different writing styles

There are different stages of essay writing formed of prewriting, drafting, revising and editing. In the similar way there are different types of writing styles given as under:

Common Writing Styles:

Following are the most common types of writing styles: academic, technical, poetic, scientific, analytical, descriptive, reflective, etc. The styles concerning academic writing or essay writing are descriptive, narrative and analytical. 

Descriptive Writing Style:

This style of writing describes some certain aspects of essay in a vivid and comprehensive manner. The objective of this writing style is to provide the reader with a vision of what exactly the writer is trying to discuss.

Narrative Writing Style:

In this type of writing, the writer wants to discuss the essay with a third person so, the writer uses many points of view of other people without confusing the reader.

Analytical Writing Style:

The analytical style of writing can be applied anywhere as long as the writer analyzes the subject comprehensively.

As it is clear that different types of essays uses different types of writing styles. If you have the knowledge of these styles of writing, you can produce a range of remarkable essays.

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